Heated Carbon Gloves
Heated Carbon Gloves
Manufacture: Warm & Safe

Product Name: The Ultimate Touring Heated Gloves

Also Known As: First Gear – Heated Carbon Gloves

MSRP: $169.95

In The Wild: $152.99 – $169.99

Product Information:

•    DC heated, produces 15 watts of heat at 12.8 Volts (each glove) and should be used with a Warm & Safe/Firstgear Heat-Troller™ for optimum safety

•    Grade-A, top-grain, drum-dyed cowhide construction

•    Porelle® breathable, waterproof membrane

•    Carbon fiber protection on molded knuckles

•    Pre-curved fingers and finger-mounted, rubber, faceshield wiper

•    Elastic wrist and adjustable hook-and-loop gauntlet closure

•    Reflective piping on top

•    2-year limited warranty

•    Heat Controllers are sold separately

Fitment Comfort Construction Overall

The Review:

Well, here is the first “new layout” I’m going to try for on my reviews. I hope you like it, so please comment on “yay” or “nay”.

The new review format will be broken down into the sections that are represented by the little review stars above.

So with this glove, we will be looking at Fitment, Comfort, Construction, and the Overall satisfaction I have received from this product.

Fitment: 3.5/5

The fitment of the glove is a bit on the awkward side at first.  The right pinkies seem to be a bit on the short side, as far as the liner is concerned.  This puts a bit of pressure on the pinky, but eventually stretches.

Oddly enough, I’ve had two sets of these gloves now (which will be explained further in the review), and both sets had a shorter right pinky than left (which fits fine).

That has lead me to believe that it may be a manufacturing process error.

Adjusting the fit to your hand is made easy by both the cinch strap, as well as the gauntlet flap.

I actually ride with the gauntlets inside my jacket to prevent water from draining down my arms and into my gloves, and the gauntlet adjustment allows for me to comfortably cinch them down small enough for them to fit well in my Belstaff Discovery Jacket.

Comfort: 3.5/5

Comfort is satisfactory. If it wasn’t for the pinky problem, I would probably give these 4.5 out of 5.

The liner stays where it is supposed to, the straps and added elastic in the wrist helps keep them snug, and the warming of the element keeps your hands comfortable in all types of weather.

I personally use these as my rain gloves as well, because of the included squeegee on the left glove.  I have had no leakage problems.

With or Without power, these gloves are comfortable to wear at lower temperatures.

Construction: 4/5

I would have given 5 out of 5 on construction, but I was unfortunate enough that the heating elements went out in my first pair 11 months after purchasing them.

The glove itself is great, as I mentioned in comfort, I’ve never had a leakage issue, the liner stays put in the glove when taking them off (instead of coming out with your hand), and the extra armor in key places make them much more appealing to me as a rider.

The main reason I leaned towards the Warm & Safe over other brands such as Gerbing, was the added armor, and Warm & Safe seems to be the only one out there that manufactures a heated armored glove.

In the 11 months I used them, I didn’t have any stitching issues, and no issues with the Velcro fraying apart.

Overall: 4/5

I have used these gloves in everything from several hours of downpour rain, freezing temperatures, and several thousands of miles of tarmac, gravel and mud. They pulled through with flying colors in each of these.

Overall this is a great glove!  I would recommend it, and I hope that the heating element issue does not come up again. Thankfully, they went out within 10 miles of my parents place in Hood River. It was a cool day (well it was actually snowing out when they went out), and although the element went out, they still provided enough protection to keep my hands from completely freezing. The added hand guards on my bike also help a lot with that.

On my satisfaction with the customer service on my defective set, because I purchased my set through my local dealer, under FirstGear, my return and exchange was painless.

Because your warranty return of FirstGear products goes through your local dealer (In my case, Eastside Motosports/Ducati Bellevue), Tucker Rockey (The distributor for FirstGear Products), has a warehouse in Portland Oregon, which allowed me to receive my replacement pair within 1 day of them letting the parts department know they would just replace them under warranty.

Can’t beat that!

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    The new layout looks great. The review on the First Gear gloves was well written. I just may buy a set of those gloves now. Nice work.

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