I’ve went ahead and removed the “Motorcycle” from my original tag line of “The Motorcycle Adventures and Projects of Mic”.

I came to the conclusion late last year, that there are so many other things to write about that I do, and it all relates.

There are many things I do, and have prepared for, that people use in other hobbies, such as hiking and backpacking. I also like to hike and backpack, so I decided this would all work well together.

Moving forward, I’ve been working on the new “Review” layout.  I’m moving away from my “Need to read all of Mic’s ramblings to get an idea of what he thought of it” to a simple rating system with a quick comment at the very top of the review. This way, those who just like to see what exactly my overall impression of it is, can just figure it out with less than an minutes worth of viewing, instead of trying to read through the entire review.

I will still have my wordy ramblings, but that will be focused below the overview. This will allow those who want to know more about the key features, and what my experiences are with the item, still be able to get that from the review.

The biggest problem is, is the limitation of WordPress, and how it handles tables and images and whatnot.

I’ve started to look into how I can make changes, looked at some review plugins (which all seem to want to take over your theme as well) and try and write my own templates.

After about 2 days of fiddling around with a couple reviews I had done, I decided I didn’t like the layout at all. It just looked to darn messy.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I got a Food Saver for Christmas from my Mother.  I’m sure she is happy, as this means I won’t be borrowing hers for 6 months at a time. Which may explain why I got it in the first place.

I never bit the bullet of buying my own, as I enjoyed borrowing hers for a couple reasons. First, I’m a cheap SOB when it comes to things like this… Even though I know the value of it, and how much it saves me in the long run.

Second, non of the new Food Savers have a manual operation anymore.  Hers has auto as well as manual.

I offered to trade her, and she politely declined.  Boo Hoo

While on the topic of packaging, I’ve been looking into Mylar bags. Apparently there are company’s that do make bags that will seal with the food saver, and are “boil” proof.

I want to get my hands on some to try out. I have a few recipes that I could easily convert over to “Heat and Serve” style.

Speaking of food, I’m going to work on a new recipe a month.  I still have a handful of recipes in “draft” form that I need to finish up and post, but I also have a handful of new ideas, and I really want to get back into experimenting with methods and recipes.  If I can get my hands on some of these Mylar bags, I have a few more recipes that would benefit from such a way of preparation.

Moving forward, I finally have the replacement top plate for the KLR finished. I’m actually going to do a separate write up to go along with the original installation review of the Happy Trail T2 Luggage Platform.

My biggest disappointment recently has been my lack of updates, which only I can solve.

Work took its toll when I returned from my trip and before long the Holidays were here. I’m hoping soon I get back into at least an update a week with something tangible. My biggest rut at the moment being able to decide on a format that I like, and carry on with it.

If you’ve made it this far, I commend you, for reading this much.

Until Next Time

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  1. January 8, 2011 at 1:57 PM — Reply


    I liked your change of title so much, I adopted it for my own adventures which I’m moving to my personal website from blogspot.

  2. January 17, 2011 at 5:44 AM — Reply

    I just couldn’t see limiting myself and what I talk about. Granted, things have been reeeeeeeealy slow lately.

    I have a lot of drafts I need to eventually finish up, but I not being able to come up with a decent template for things like reviews, and my recipes, it’s hard to move forward, as I will have to change them all down the road.

    I’ve been having to come down to Oregon every weekend, but this should be my last required weekend (appointments). I’ll be getting back on the KLR more for some riding here pretty soon. Just been sooooo busy.

    Oh, and I need to go snow shoeing… LOL

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