Day 20

I woke this morning just before 6. I didn’t sleep to well last night due to anticipation of getting home today.

I was quickly packed, mainly due to me preparing the night before by packing almost everything up minus the items needed for the tent and to sleep.

I made my way out of the park just before 7am and made my way into Quesnel.

Passing through Quesnel, I topped off my gas tank, and noticed a Denny’s.

Knowing I had a long day ahead of me, I decided to stop in and grab some breakfast.

My waitress inquired about where I was heading to, and I said home to Seattle. She said I had a long day ahead of me, and she moved my order up so that I could get out quickly.

I ate quickly and left her a good sized tip equal to the cost of my meal for her generosity (Still have a ton of loonies and twonies on me).

Soon after I was on my way.

And on my way I was.

I didn’t stop. I rode like mad for hours straight, only stopping for gas, but never leaving the seat of my motorcycle.

Construction seemed to plaque 97 where they were widening it.

Eventually I hit Cache Creek and was headed down Canada 1.

Now, while the Fraiser River Valley is beautiful, and I really enjoyed the ride through this whole section of road, OMG Canada!

Road Construction seemed to plague this section of highway every 5 miles! This wouldn’t be too bad, except for the truck traffic, and the slow slow moving of said trucks up the hills!

I passed where I could, and continued on as the day heated up.

Eventually I made it to Hope, where Canada 1 meets with Canada 5 and headed towards Abbotsford.

Once in Abbortsford, I followed the signs to the border crossing and soon was at the Canada/US Border.

The line was short, and the wait was short as well. Within 10 minutes I was up to the border and greeted by a Fellow American.

He asked the standard questions of where I went, what I had on me, yade yade. I answered them, and he soon let me on my way.

I pointed my direction toward Bellingham, and not long after I was on I5 heading south.

Just 90 miles and my trip would be complete.

As I was heading down I5, I decided I should pull into a rest stop, and take a brake.

There, I took a brake, called my parents to let them know I was state side, and had a couple pieces of Jerky while resting under the shade of a tree.

After about 20 minutes, I hopped back on and headed south, my last big push of Highway in front of me.

The time seemed to fly by. Soon I was passing Everett and on 405 I headed.

Coming into Bellevue, I sighed a sigh of relief.

I was finally back.

Now… Most people would most likely rush home.

Not me…

As I got on to the 520, I took the first exit, and up the road a bit to Eastside Motosports.

I needed to order a brake line, and no, it could not wait!

With that, I pulled in, and was greeted by the staff.

I hung out for awhile then made the last couple mile ride home to be greeted by a dead web server, and 3 weeks of amazing memories and a shower.

I’ve looked into why the webserver is dead.

It comes up for a bit, but then goes back down. I think it may be a bad hard drive. I’ll look more into it in the morning.

Right now, I just want to go get some dinner at Yummy Teriyaki and some rest.

Until Next Time…

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