Parked at the US Border Crossing on the Top of the World Highway Entering Alaska
Parked at the US Border Crossing on the Top of the World Highway Entering Alaska

Day 10

Awoke this morning and started packing the KLR right away.

Upon exiting the cabin, Geoff took notice of the long line of RV’s at the Ferry Crossing.

Given that the Top of the World Highway is a dirt gravel road, we wanted to get ahead of the pack, so we quickly packed and set off.

The ride on the road, which I have heard varying stories of its condition, was not bad.

We quickly made our way towards the American Border, not taking any time to stop.

A few reasons for our haste were we wanted to keep the RV’s behind us, we wanted to get to the border and have a good place in line when it opened (9am) and well, it was somewhat foggy and there were very few spots to pull over.

It didn’t take long, and eventually we arrived at the border at 8:30.

Extremely foggy, we sat second in line, only behind another single RV.

The border crossing went quickly and painlessly.

Geoff was worried that he would be held up, being from out of country, but they asked if he was with me, they checked his passport, took license number, and we were both on our way in less than a couple minutes between the both of us.

Now in Alaska, we were trying to keep an eye out for a “Welcome to Alaska” sign, but apparently Alaskans do not welcome people to Alaska.

Geoff was hopping to get a photo in front of one, being from down under, it’s a big deal to travel from the bottom of the world, to the top.

Interestingly, the road on the US Side was in a bit more rough shape than on the Canadian side. Also, it had rained on the US Side, where as the Canadian side was not wet.

A bit on the snotty side, we both continued on quickly, until hitting Chicken for Breakfast.

A little Cafe in Chicken - Open just 5 days, Sarah cooked us up a wonderful meal of Reindeer Sausage! She didn't believe me that I named my bike Sarah =(
A little Cafe in Chicken - Open just 5 days, Sarah cooked us up a wonderful meal of Reindeer Sausage! She didn't believe me that I named my bike Sarah =(

We ended up stopping at the first Gift Shop/RV/Camp place along the road for breakfast. There was a small outdoor trailer serving up food, and Sarah, the young lady running it, was extremely polite, and even got Geoff’s attention for her Sunny Side up eggs, which she had never cooked before, but got perfectly right on her first try when Geoff ordered his eggs that way.

The meal was interesting. Reindeer Sausage was the main meat, and it was excellent.

Having eaten various other sausages and meats over the years, the Reindeer Sausage sits somewhere on the top of my list.

It had a slight flavor of blood sausage, and blood sausage is my favorite meal.

After breakfast, wondering around the gift shop and buying a chicken decal, we sat down and go on the net really quick, as they offered wifi.

Some emails, updates, and soon we were off.

Not far outside Chicken, the road turns to pavement once again, and we made our decent down towards the Alaska Highway at the Junction, just east of Tok.

We fueled up in Tok, and on our way we were towards Fairbanks.

Not long down the road, I noticed that my bike sounded different again.

After pulling over, we discovered that the entire end cap of my muffler had blown off, including all of the internals of it.

I think my exhaust is missing something...
I think my exhaust is missing something...

Yes, the bike did sound much different, instead of loud, it was extremely loud.

I checked my air/fuel mixture screw, and to my surprise it was out several turns from where it should have been.

I screwed it back in, then back out a turn for the elevation, and we set back off.

Stopping in Delta Junction, I checked my screw again, and it had moved out again slightly.

I moved it back, and we made our way up to Fairbanks to the University where we would be staying the next couple nights.

We settled into our dorm room, which is actually very spacious, and soon after went looking for dinner.

Geoff had been craving pizza the last few nights, and so we ended up going to a local joint.

The service was friendly, but they had a huge breakdown in the kitchen.

Having a new pizza cook, things were getting backed up, and they had to soon call in the other cook.

Getting our pizza a whole hour and a half later, and the table next to us eventually ended up leaving they were so fed up with the wait.

A International TD35 - This is for you dad!
A International TD35 - This is for you dad!

Some things the waitress’s should have done, although they were extremely friendly, they should have let all of the patrons know of the issues happening in the kitchen, offered something complimentary, such as bread sticks, salad bar, something, and that would have save a lot of grief.

The folks to the table next to us, who had left, the pizza was finished and so the waitress gave it to us.

Having extra pizza already, no where to store it over night (The pizza box did fit in my top box just fine though!) we ended up handing it over to a kid here on the campus. He kind of looked at Geoff funny over it, but I later saw him and he was enjoying the pizza.

After that, it was getting late, and so we set off to bed.

Another day gone, another to come.

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