A small meadow just off of the Alaska Highway between Watson Lake and Teslin
A small meadow just off of the Alaska Highway between Watson Lake and Teslin

Day 06

I awoke again this morning to the sun shining through my tent at 5am.

The sky’s were blue and the temperature was in the mid 50’s. It looked like today would be a wonderful day of riding as opposed to the somewhat rainy day before.

How little did I know that my assumptions would be so wrong.

Not 30 miles into our day, we hit rain. And it continued to rain.

We continued to ride on, with no stops until we had to fuel up in Teslin. It was there, that we both agreed to get a hot meal and coffee (Tea for Doug) and hope that the rain would soon let up.

The rain did not.

We ate while chatting with a couple from Iowa who are on their way to Dawson then to Prudhoe Bay.

After an hour, we continued on our way. This time I hooked up my heated gloves to make the trip more bearable through the continuous wet.

We continued on, until finally coming to Whitehorse, where the rain, while entering town, let up.

We first stopped for gas, then afterwords, we headed across the street to the Kawasaki Dealership in search of a blank for my bike.

After buying 2 blanks, both of different lengths as they did not have the right one, but they fit in the ignition, they kindly gave me directions to the locksmith in town.

The locksmith, a very generous individual, took his time to cut each key, both working better than my original key.

He only charged me four dollars for the cuts, which is very reasonable, especially after having spent 20 dollars for the 2 blanks.

Had I known where the locksmith was, I could have had him make a key, as he had blanks for three dollars fifty a piece.

After the locksmith, we made our way to the Walmart. I wanted to pick up a bug lantern that Doug had been using. It has worked out very effectively, and it is cheap for 16 bucks.

At about 30 minutes into our ride to Whitehorse, we spotted rain ahead. Rain that would last the entire day without a break
At about 30 minutes into our ride to Whitehorse, we spotted rain ahead. Rain that would last the entire day without a break

I also picked up a phone card so I can make calls back to the US. As it stands, I will probably have a 100 dollar international call bill from AT&T for just spending time talking to US Bank to get my check card sorted out. Which it does seem is done now, as I am able to use it once again.

After Walmart, we made a quick stop at Canadian Tire Company so that Doug could schedule an appointment for tomorrow to change the tires on his trailer that he is towing, and then off to look for a Motel.

Deciding to stay in a hotel tonight was a decision made over lunch. It would be easier for us to split costs, and I was very much looking forward to a bed for a night, a hot shower that I could take my time in, and to do laundry.

Finding the hotel was a bit of a journey. Whitehorse is a busy town, and when went by a hotel they said they were booked.

Luckily, the nice lady behind the registration desk, who noticed we were in Motorcycle gear, gladly told us to hang on.

She then proceeded to call hotel’s around the area, looking for a room for us. Soon after she found one, and had it held for us.

We ended up staying at a hotel called “Stop Inn Family Hotel”. Noot to bad hotel and at 120 (60 each) a night, fits the bill fine.

The hotel is ran by eastern Indians and provides a Laundry Mat, Wifi, and Indian Dining. It also sits next to a McDonalds, which became dinner for the night. A double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. It tasted excellent. It tastes different than in the states, it is prepared differently, but I’m not certain why.

While unpacking, an Australian here on 12 month holiday was out in the parking lot. He came over and wanted to take pictures of my KLR, saying I had the most stuff on one that he has ever seen. I myself have come to the conclusion that I packed way to much, even food.

Throughout the night, I kept running into him, learning later on his name was Geoff (Jeff), and was here to explore North and Central American on his F800GS BMW Motorcycle.

I also learned from him that he was heading to Dawson the next day, and to stay along for the D2D.

I explained my travel plans, and that I may or may not stay in Dawson for the D2D, mainly due to accommodations.

He told me not to worry about it, and that he would email the hostel to hold a room with double beds and we would ride up together.

This came as a huge relief to myself. In fact, I had just called GusGus in hopes that he could try and get a hold of one of the Alaska Crew to see if they had any spare room. Even a floor space for me to unroll my sleeping bag is all I needed, and would have been more than happy to pay a share of the bill.

Later on, I decided to try and get online. I was able to make a quick call out on Skype, but then the internet went down.

I am beginning to think that I have provided some bad luck.

Everywhere I go, the internet seems to stop working once I get there. Here I am, was able to get on momentarily earlier this evening, but now I am unable to.

With a phone call home, my mother let me know that my web server was down. This is a shame, as I have no way of checking on why it is down until I get back home in 2 weeks.

I now sit here, in the laundry mat that is in the hotel doing laundry and writing this entry.

Tomorrow morning Doug and I will part ways, and a new journey will begin with another complete stranger. My trip has unfolded to be a lot more interesting than I could have ever imagined.

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