This weekend was WMRRA Round 3 in Spokane Washington.

I decided that I was going to ride the KLR over and camp at the track for the round, and take the opportunity to pack up the KLR with everything I would take with me on the trip.

This proved to be a seriously great idea. It has given me even more insight into what I need to adjust for my packing.

The clock is ticking, and it is ticking fast. I have a lot to accomplish in the next 2 weeks.

For starters, I need to start making jerky and dried fruit.

I also need to start getting all of my breakfast and dinners made, which is going to require me to stop off at Healthy Harvest again at the end of this week on my way down to Oregon. One item I picked up when I first was down there was some compressed towels. These have proven to be very useful, and I plan on picking up several packs for the trip. They are perfect for cleaning up after meals, and washing up with.  I will pack a few in each meal bag, as well as carry a couple pouches of them.

I found out that with the KLR loaded down, it sags enough that on the kickstand, it is almost straight up and down. A small guest of wind caught it while I was fueling up in Mosses Lake, and almost knocked the bike over.

I plan on cutting about a quarter inch off of the kick stand and wielding the bottom plate back on to give it a bit more of an angle.

That being said, the suspension will be coming off Thursday night and dropped off at our local Suspension Guru, Barry Wressell of KFG Dunlop.

Most of the little things on the bike is sorted out.  Last week we did a valve job as well as the gravity mod on the petcock.

I have a few more items on the list to get done on it. First off, the crank case breather is getting its very own air filter. This is in hopes to cut down on the oil consumption on the bike. It was recommended to me by a Kawasaki Mechanic, so I am going to go ahead and try it.

Secondly, I found out a Wolo horn was in the big box of KLR parts I received from the original owner of the KLR. I will install that.

New shoes going on the bike!  I have a set of Continental TKC80 twinduro tires coming for the trip. 1 Front and 2 rears. I will be taking the spare rear with me on the trip. I also have new rim strips, and 2 sets of heavy duty tubes on the way.

Safety Switch wires need to be jumpered still for the kickstand and clutch. Will take care of that while I have the body work off doing the horn install.

As mentioned above, the kickstand needs to be shortened just a tad.

I am going to rerun some wires for my 12volt accessory outlet. I am also going to add another.

A new chain and sprockets, an oil change and she’s ready for the trip! As you can see, still a lot to do!

I am back to wanting to make my own dry bags. If time permits, I will be doing this either next week or the following week in the days leading up to my departure.

As of right now, I am no longer set to a schedule. With my Co-Rider unable to make the trip do to other obligations that crept up over the last few weeks, I will not be going to the D2D.  This was more his thing, and I don’t find any real reason to go without at least knowing 1 person there. It will be a trip worth making in the future, but I want to focus on getting to Inuvik.

That being said, this allows me to fudge my departure date. I am still planning on a June 17th Departure, but that was the original departure date and does put me in Dawson during the D2D. So that being said, I may fudge it a day or 2. This will actually push out my trip to be in Inuvik during a weekday, instead of a weekend. Which may be for the best.

Other than that, there is not much more to update on.

If you haven’t already, take the time to follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I post updates throughout the week directly to these channels that do not get posted on the blog.
For instance, while in Spokane, I posted several pictures to Twitter of my foods I have been working on actually being used in the field. These have now also been posted to Facebook once I returned.  Check out each page. The links are located on the right hand menu.
Well, that is it for now, until next time!

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