Last night I received a phone call from an acquaintance of mine, who I had met over this summer while him and his wife were passing through the Seattle area on a “around the state” tour of Washington.

Him and his wife had moved to Washington from Alaska,  and were experiencing the sites on his Valkyrie.

So when I finished planning my route, I decided that I would shoot him an message to see if some of the area’s I was passing through, and the times that I had set aside seemed reasonable.

He messaged me back shortly after, wanting to set a time aside for that evening to talk. So last night he gave me a call and we discussed the route, the sights to see, the places to eat, and the date of departure.  With all this decided, he agreed to come along, as he had been wanting to hit up Dawson for the Dust to Dawson (D2D), which I had just learned about from him, as well as another trip to Inuvik.

Since the D2D happens so close to the original time-frame I had set aside, I realized that this trip with him along as a co-rider and tour guide, would increase the experience of this trip, and he agreed.

He also assured me the route I had chosen would be an exciting route, and that I will enjoy it tremendously.

So with the date of arrival in Dawson Set for the 24th of June, the 17th of June became our Departure Date.

And with that, today marks 7 months until Departure.

It seems so far away, yet I know that it will come quickly, and I need to continue to do my research, which is great now to have someone confirmed for this trip to come along. I always thought it would be a much more fun trip to take with someone, as well as a safer trip.

And so the countdown officially begins towards Arctic Expedition 2010.


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  1. December 10, 2009 at 6:52 AM — Reply

    […] A Date is set, a Co-Rider Confirmed – Arctic Expedition 2010 is Official […]

  2. December 10, 2009 at 6:52 AM — Reply

    […] A Date is set, a Co-Rider Confirmed – Arctic Expedition 2010 is Official […]

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