My Old Friend: Part 4 – The Rebirth of an XT

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This weekend was a good weekend for the old XT.

It started off Saturday, I stopped by Harbor and picked up a new Compression tester.  It’s much easier to just buy a new one, instead of bugging your friend that you borrowed the other one from that he forgot to give you the right adapter.  Oh well, I really needed to get myself one anyways.

So while at Harbor, I picked up that, and a few other needed items.  Some may say they are not needed items, and that I only pick up stuff there on a whim. It is a terrible store for me to go into.  Cheap crap that will eventually break if it has any moving parts what so ever, but it works well enough for the few times a year you might actually use it.

On to the Compression test.  It was the first thing I did when I got to the shop.  I popped it on, and fired it up, and bam, 181lbs of compression.  I can’t argue with that!  So now that the biggest worry was done, I decided it was time to start pulling her down to the nuts and bolts.

Before moving on to that, I went ahead and did another quick coat of tank liner in the gas tank. It now has 4 coats in it, and that is enough.  I even went ahead and let a little bit gather in the area that the holes were and just let it sit upright so that it had a thicker layer in that area.  I’m more than confident that the tank will hold fuel long after the engine is worn out.

After I had finished messing with the tank, I went ahead and started to pull a few pieces off here and there.  A buddy of mine showed up, and BS’ed for a bit, than went to lunch.  Got back and decided to go to Eastside Moto, get a battery, and order some more parts.  I just needed a clutch perch, and something else I ordered that escapes my mind at the moment.  I guess I’ll remember when I go pick up the parts when they come in.

I decided, before doing any major deconstruction, that I’d call it a day. I had to be a friends Birthday Party at 7, so I went home, took a shower and got ready.

Sunday, I knew that it would not take me to long to pull the bike apart, so I didn’t get down to the shop until about 4.  I spent the day enjoying the sun, and rather warm weather to get a little bit of riding in, just to keep my R6 loose.

After my ride, I headed to the shop and started the task of pulling her apart.  After a hour or so, I had her in pieces.  There really isn’t much holding these things apart.  4 bolts for the engine, a bolt for the steering stem, and a couple bolts for the swingarm and rear shock and she was apart.

Now she sits in pieces in the shop, ready to be cleaned up and taken to get powder coated.

Here are some pictures of her all in pieces.

XT in Pieces
XT in Pieces
XT in Pieces
XT in Pieces
XT in Pieces
XT in Pieces

Here’s a photo of the steering stem.  Of all of the bearings on the bike, these will need to be replaced no questions asked.  It’s the only set of bearings I ever neglected to keep lubed up often. They were dry, and very worn.  New races and bearings, and it will be all good.

Steering Stem
Steering Stem

Such a small rear shock!

Rear Shock
Rear Shock

It looks so much worse then it really is.  You can tell I kept the swingarm lubed well.


And the Put Put power

Air Cooled 223cc Powerhouse of the XT!
Air Cooled 223cc Powerhouse of the XT!

Frame looked good, I was expecting to see a crack or 2 but I didn’t run across anything. Maybe after it is blasted they will notice a crack. Which I can then weld up.

After more thoughts into the bike, here are a list of the things that I have planned to happen.

Frame is going to be powder coated a khaki color.

Swingarm will be powder coated black, along with the wheels, and other misc hard parts.

Tank, and plastics will be painted khaki with gray accents.

Going to have custom vinyl XT225 stickers made up.  I have an idea in my head for them. If I can design them, they will be nice on the bike.

Headlight Assembly of course, is being replaced with the Acerbis Cyclops

Front Fender is being replaced with the Acerbis SuperMoto front fender.

Acerbis Rally Pro hand gaurds.

New bars (Not sure on who’s yet)

High Output Stator Conversion

Heated Grips

Auxiliary Lights

Rear Rack and a couple Tool Tubes.

New Exhaust (Or fix and core the current one)

High Flow Air Filter.

TTR/XT Kickstarter kit (Eventually, not a priority)

15F/50R Sprockets

And for the tires?  I’ve not decided.  I am open to suggestions. Looking for a 80/20 or a 70/30.

Welp, that’s really kind of it for today.  Next updates should mostly be stripping, cleaning, coating, and reassembly!

Home > Projects > The Bikes > My Old Friend: The Rebirth of an XT > Part 4

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