My Old Friend: Part 4.5 – The Rebirth of an XT

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Well today’s post isn’t a whole lot to mention, so I’m giving it a .5 status. Not really a huge “leap” forward in the build project, but just a few things I’ve done here and there, and what I have found.

As mentioned in my last article, the Steering Stem bearings were shot.  I have new ones on order, but now, I am having troubles tracking down the bottom seal.  Once I get the bearings in, I’ll take measurements of everything, and call up Columbia Bearing or someplace and see if I can’t track down a seal.

I started with cleaning up the frame and swing arm. After I was down cleaning the frame, and had gotten rid of all the caked on dirt around the fender mount, I noticed that it was cracked in 2 places.  Not a huge issue.  I am heading over to a buddy of mines on Sunday to use his MIG welder, and weld up the cracks in the mounting bracket.  Shouldn’t take more then a couple minutes.  Prior to doing this though, I am going to take a wire wheel to every weld on the frame and inspect them over again just to double check.

I also, am very happy on my latest ebay purchase.  One problem with the Pre 2001 XT/TTR Motors, is that the Stator only puts out 140 Peak Watts.  Now, this would be fine if I was keeping everything 100% stock, however, I am moving it over to a dual headlight setup, as well as Heated Grips and Auxiliary lights (Which will not be on all the time, nor be on at the same time).

This posed a rather large problem.  With the headlight, on Low beam,and the tail and running lights and everything else, the draw was going to be about 112watts from the system.  That only left 28 watts of energy left.

The 2001+ models of the XT/TTR had an upgraded Stator/Rotor that produced 170watts Peak.  That would give me 58 Free Watts of energy, and it is a simple swap.

After checking around ebay, and internet sites, the lowest I could find the Stator for was 175 bucks, not including the rotor.

Well, I decided to shift my thoughts on the whole thing, and started looking for complete engines.

I found a 2001 TTR Engine on Ebay. I bid, and got the damn thing for 96 bucks.

Before I take the thing apart, I’m going to do a Compression test, and Leak Down test on it. If it tests out all right, I’m going to just pull the damned thing apart, part it out, and hopefully make my money back on it.  We’ll see!  Regardless, if the Stator/Rotor are good, I got a damned good deal no matter how I look at it.

I also have the front headlight, and hand guards on order.

The question was asked of me the other day why I am putting so much time and effort into, what the individual thought to be, a “Piece of Shit”.  I’m sure some people have the same thoughts.

To me, it’s not a piece of shit. It’s been an excellent bike over the years. It has, treated me well for over a decade and a half.  I cannot complain.

I always like to have little projects.  I could have easily, done a quick once over on the bike, made a few changes here and there, and had the thing running to abuse again. However, abuse is not what I’m looking for on this bike anymore.  Sure, it is going to go on adventures still, but not be carelessly thrashed around, and destroyed like it once was.

I want to give it a new life, and overall, I want to do it.  It is a fun project to do for me right now, and it is something I promised I would eventually get around to doing.

It won’t much look like a XT when I’m done.  In fact, I’m still trying to figure out what it may look like. If it comes out anything like it is in my head? Well, then I am going to be happy.

If it doesn’t? Well I will still be happy. So I can’t actually say I have any reason not to be happy doing this project.

Ok, I’ve rattled on long enough.  Until Next time!

Home > Projects > The Bikes > My Old Friend: The Rebirth of an XT > Part 4.5

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