My Old Friend: Part 3 – The Rebirth of an XT

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There is not a whole lot to cover in this installment, however just a quick update, a few pictures, and whatnot.

I ordered the Carburetor Rebuild Kit on Wednesday, and on Thursday I was called to be told it would be 3 weeks back ordered.  “Yay”.

In fact, everything I ordered is back ordered. The Carb Rebuild Kit, the Petcock Rebuild Kit, and the AAV Rebuild Kit is back ordered.

Such is life with old carb parts.

I didn’t let that stop me though.  I took the time to pull apart the top of the carb and inspect the Diaphragm.  It is still flexible, shiny, and no cracks. So I am happy about that.  That little piece alone is 130 bucks, and I was not looking forward to replacing it.  The slide itself seems in decent enough shape to give the carb years of fun and excitement.

I also continued my restoration on the fuel tank.  As of last night, I have added the first layer of lining to it.


All Sealed Up!


All Sealed Up!
All Sealed Up!

It is coming out great.  I will do another couple coats of liner, and call it good.

I also picked up this little puppy yesterday while at Eastside Motosports.

Acerbis SuperMoto Front Fender Next to Stock XT

And a Another Angle

Acerbis SuperMoto Front Fender Next to Stock XT Fender
Acerbis SuperMoto Front Fender Next to Stock XT Fender

Acerbis Universal SuperMoto front fender.  I was actually surprised they had it in stock, and for 26 bucks, I couldn’t go wrong with just buying it there (cheapest Online I could find it is 25 bucks, then add shipping).

I will need to order my front headlight assembly still though.  I have decided to go with the Acerbis Cyclops.  It’s just something about the side by side I really like.

I pulled the Exhaust the other night, along with the rear fender.

The exhaust, for the most part, is toast.  Well the very tip of it that is.  When I pulled it off, something was rattling inside it.  I pulled the cap off (which, is held by a single screw, however when I went to remove screw the head of it just completely broke off with little effort do to rust) and sure enough, it was the spark arrestor. It was just so rusted up, it had broken off.

I am thinking of either getting an FMF PowerCore 4 TTR225 exhaust system for it, or just chop the ass end of this one off, and wielding it back together (while removing the core).

It's pretty ugly looking nakkid...
It's pretty ugly looking nakkid...

Well that’s about it.  I went to do a comp test last night, and I don’t have the right adapter for the damned hole, so I’m going to go track one down or a whole new comp tester today.  Should be fun. Once I verify compression (and leak down) I am going to pull the engine from the bike, and get the frame, swing arm and other bits prepped for blasting and powder coating.

Home > Projects > The Bikes > My Old Friend: The Rebirth of an XT > Part 3

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