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My Old Friend: The Rebirth of an XT – A Multi-Part series on the restoration and modification of my old Yamaha XT225. Discover how over the course of a year, what starts out as a tribute to an old friend, brings a man back to his roots and discovers an old part of his life that he has been missing.

The Heart of a 9-year old: Restoring a link to the past – In 1989, a young boy walks into a Yamaha Dealership in Kennewick Washington with his father, seeing the bike of his dreams sitting on the showroom floor, the new 1989 FZR600. 20 years later, what started out as a childhood desire, I finally purchase for the sum of $400. (Section to be started at a later date)

The Bike that Ebay Built – Racing may be expensive, but acquiring a modern Sport Bike does not always have to be. I set out to build the ultimate testament to Ebay. Part by Part I piece together a 2007 Yamaha R6 race bike starting with nothing but a frame. From a thought in the back of my mind, to 2 years of loyal service on the track. Read about my dive into the world of sniping and dealing to build a bike under budget before the deadline. (Section to be Completed at a later date)

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