Border Hopping

Border Hopping is a section of rides that take place outside of Washington State. Whether it be in the neighboring States or beyond.

Most of these articles will be multi-day rides. Some of them may only be day rides, as they will coincide with me spending time with my parents in Oregon.

Border Hopping: Destination – Sod Busters Cafe
Sod Buster’s is a wonderful little Cafe located in Goldendale, Washington.  It serves fresh, home made style food that satisfies even the hungriest of people.  Stop in and try the Mt. Adam’s Burger if you are a burger lover. It will not disappoint.

Border Hopping: Destination – Adventure Sidecar
Adventure Sidecar, a business owned by Vernon Wade of Odell, Oregon, provides beginner and advanced S/TEP courses as well as Tours of the Columbia River Gorge. Come spend an afternoon with me, as I hop in the sidecar, and head off into the mountains with Vernon with an unexpected outcome.

Border Hopping: Destination – Another Weekend in the Columbia River Gorge
Back in Hood River for a 4 day weekend, I decide to continue exploring the eastern side of the Valley.

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