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It’s been 6 years since I climbed on a bike named Sara and headed north, not entirely certain of my final destination, and every year I dream of returning North, and every year I miss my chance.

My total trip length was 20 days, it was supposed to be 22 days, but due to a mishap on the Alaska Highway on my return from Fairbanks to Whitehorse, I learned that while KLR’s can fly, they are not really meant to, and the resulting sudden impact back on tarmac would cause my rear brake line to snap at the fitting.

With no rear brake, I made the decision to come straight home, bypassing my little side route off to the ghost town of Cassiar, an abandoned asbestos mining town, as well as a jot to Hyder Alaska.

Fast forward 6 years later, a new bike named Lara, and an ambitious goal to complete those final 2 days, in a compressed 5.5 day trip and twenty-seven and some odd hundred miles.

The Route <- Clicky

Day 1, July 1st: Leave at 1:30pm after work, ride to 10 mile Lake outside of Quesnel, BC. 493 Miles
Day 2: July 2nd: Ride to Bell II on the Cassiar Highway, BC. 518 Miles
Day 3: July 3rd: Ride to Jade City, the ghost town of Cassiar, and continue into the Yukon Territory to stay the night at Junction 37 at the Alaska Highway. Shortest day at 311 miles.
Day 4: July 4th: Head back South! Ride to Hyder Alaska, spending the 4th in America!. 392 Miles
Day 5: July 5th, back to 10 Mile Lake outside Quesnel BC. 504 Miles
Day 6: July 6th, Home! 493 Miles

And let me introduce you to Lara:

Lara is a 2015 Honda CB500X that I will be slowly converting into my latest adventure machine.


Stay tuned for many more adventures to come, until next time.


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