I’ve kind of disappeared these last few months.  I haven’t been active on this site (or my facebook page and twitter).

So why not?


Well, I had planned on taking another trek up North in mid June. Leaving about the same time I did last year, hit the Cassiar, and back around through the Icefields Parkway again. Just to finish up what I missed out on last year due to time and broken bits.

Well, 3 months ago, my team got slapped with a major project at work. This project, which was originally slated to take 9 months, had to be completed in 3.
So that meant many long days. Start with 12 hour days the first month, than on to 16, 20 and eventually at the end of it, working around the clock, taking very little time for sleep and breaks.

The project is now completed, we hit our deadline, and am now able to breathe a little.

I’ve decided to plan something, not sure what yet. I want to head down south later this year and hit Southern Utah, come up through parts of California, cross into Nevada, and up through Central Oregon.
As of yet, nothing is set in stone, and I need to figure out what exactly I want to do.  I’m not entirely sure.

I also have a couple hiking trips planned. I’m going to need it.  This project, the stress and the sitting around weeks on end without getting out and about, has caused me to gain a considerable amount of more weight.  So the plan is to start getting some kind of a routine together. Hopefully with the new changes at work, I can adjust my hours a bit, so I can start later (I start work at 4:30) so that I can get in a morning bicycle ride.

I have a lot on my “to do” list as well. The KLR needs gone through bad. I had to have the rear shock rebuilt, so that is waiting to be put back in (I have the stock in it for now), needs valves done, needs a new chain and sprockets, need to lube the swing arm pivot points as well as the steering head. Need to change out the tires, oil, filter and clean the air filter. Probably toss a new Spark Plug in when doing valves as well.

The XT’s little leaks have decided to grow. So it is definitely time to pull that engine apart and put the gasket kit in, that I have lying around. I should also toss a new chain and sprockets on it as well.

Anyways, the KLR is on my list of “things to get done today” so I should probably get to it.

Until Next Time,


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