It’s been awhile since I have taken the time to sit down to write anything on here, and now I actually have the time to do so.

Looking over this last year, I managed to do a lot more than I was expecting in some instances, but a lot less than I was expecting in others.

For example, while I made my trip up North, I missed out on a few area’s that I really wanted to spend more time with.  Such as the Columbia Ice Fields and more along the Cassiar Highway.

The Ice Fields was cause I was rushed to get back on time with my trip. I needed to either make up a day at the beginning of it, or make it up the day before the Dust to Dawson.

I’m very fortunate that I made the decisions that I did.

If I had waited, I’d never had met Doug in Dawson Creek, which would have played a part in me not meeting Geoff in Whitehorse.

The highlight of my trip, was meeting these two fine people, and I am very fortunate I did.

The second part of my trip that I missed out on, was Inuvik. This would not be terrible, as I instead spent more time with Geoff on our way up to Prudhoe Bay. This would not only be the highlight of my trip, but a part of the adventure that I will look back on for years to come. I don’t think I could have asked for a better outcome of changing plans.

The ride up to Prudhoe, stepping foot in the Arctic Ocean, and the ride back to Fairbanks would be a week that I remember the most about my trip.

The third part of my trip that didn’t go as expected, was my return on the Cassiar.

Due to the outcome of my rear brake, I had to cut many of the area’s I wanted to venture off into out of my trip, putting me home a day early.

So because of that, I plan on making a trip back up North come next year.

So far, my route is simple.

Leaving Seattle, I will travel in reverse the last few days of my trip back up to the Cassiar. Spend a couple days riding around that, before finally heading toward Dawson Creek on the Alaska Highway to retrace my steps the first couple days of my trip.

This will put me back on the Icefields Parkway, which I will then spend more time to take in the beauty and some more pictures. Maybe even take the tour to the Glacier.

I’m going to give myself a week to do this, a 9 day span counting both weekends sometime in late June.

I may, even extend that out, and head up to the Dust to Dawson again once I hit the Alaska Highway. Anything is possible at this point in planning.

My other trip I want to do next year is down to Moab. I absolutely love Southern Utah. I’ve always wanted to return ever since driving through there several years ago with my brother at sunrise.

This will be another week long trip I plan on setting aside.

That leaves me with another 2 weeks of vacation that I will need to burn up sometime in the year, plus any comp time I acquire.

As this year comes to an end, I’ve spend time working on my bikes.

Currently the SV race bike is sitting in the shop torn apart as I go through the engine doing valve adjustments, and rebuild the carbs.

I discovered that the front cylinder is not always firing, so I need to spend some time checking out why that is happening. My guess is corrosion in the wires right now, but I’ve not spent any time actually looking into it to much. Will do that once I have the engine back together.

The XT is in Bellevue, and I realized last week I need to re-jet it again, as I jetted it down when I was having problems with it, and after more time spent looking into it, realized it was the diaphragm that was the culprit. After replacing that, I forgot to put the larger jet back in. So that will need to eventually be replaced.

I also need to take some time to pull the cylinder on it, and replace the base gasket. There is also a seal that needs to be replaced where the shifter shaft is. That seal does not bother me a whole lot, as it is a very very slow leak, and right now it is acting as an automatic oilier for the chain.

Other than that, it needs new shoes soon.

The KLR is with me in Oregon. I have a few things that require the shop to work on.

First up, I need to fix the crash bars. Although Twisted Throttle has been extremely patient in sending me replacements for them, I am at the point that I’d rather fix the issue for good, rather than continuously replace them out.

The welds are known to break on these, and I’m pretty confident that I know the reason why. Once I fix those, I’ll post up some pictures. They have also requested that I send them pictures so that they can pass it on to SW-Motech, the manufacture of the bars.

I really do like them, which is why I have continued to run them. They mount much more sturdy than the Happy Trail bars, and because of that, even with the busted weld, they will take a spill better I believe.

Speaking of Happy Trail’s, the rear luggage rack that I originally had the writeup on located here: actually gave up.

My concerns with how it was going to hold that top box the way they designed it, eventually played out. It cracked right down the bend. I ended up discovering this not long after I returned from my trip.

I’ve decided that instead of screwing around with it, and trying to get them to replace it (as it isn’t very old to be honest), I’m instead having one out of sheet metal made for me at a local fab shop here in Oregon.

It will be much more rigid, and will be able to take the abuse of the top box on it.

I plan on making a couple changes to the mounting system as well, and also adding a few more holes in the plate to accept a Rotopax mount directly to it.

That way, when I don’t have the top box, I can still carry Rotopax containers. I plan on putting an extension on it, so I can carry 2.  This will give me the ability to carry a large combination of emergency supplies such as Gas, Water, Tools, First Aid, and so forth, tailored to whatever little jaunt I take.

I really like carrying extra fuel. Not just for myself (I’ve not had to personally use it yet, except to refresh my camping stoves fuel bottle), but I’ve used it for other people I have found stranded on the side of the road a couple times.

I also need to change out the tires. The TKC80 on the rear is nearly bald down the center. I’ve had it own since I had it swapped out in Fairbanks before hitting the Dalton.  I am most likely going to keep that rear tire. It being something from my trip that is kind of worth throwing on the wall. I know, strange I am.

As far as what is going back on, I’m going to throw the Avon Gripsters that I took off before the trip. They still have a lot of meat left in them, and will do well enough until I decide what my next set of shoe’s will be for it.

I may just end up with using Gripsters on it again. I am rather impressed with the mileage I have got out of them.

Other than that, that’s pretty much where I am at with things.

I am actually looking forward to doing some more camping and hiking next year.  I also recently purchased Snow Shoe’s, so I’m hoping to get some snow shoeing in very soon (maybe even today!).

I’ve been juggling in my head about getting rid of the “Motorcycles” Part of Mic’s Adventure tag line.  I’d have so much more to write about if I just got rid of it, and focused on all of my adventures. I like to explore, but it doesn’t always mean I am on a bike.

Coming into the New Year, this will most likely be a change I will make.

Also, on changes, I have still not figured out a template I like to do my reviews and my recipes. I will most likely over the next couple of weeks just finish up my recipes in the current format sans pictures.

One section I spent some time on, but just could not get to work the way I wanted with WordPress is the XT resource section.

It didn’t always format the way I wanted it to, so it was back to the drawing board on that one. Oh well…

Anyways, Until Next Time!

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  1. December 23, 2010 at 5:58 AM — Reply

    Ya, the limiting oneself with the “motorcycle thing” has been a nuisance for me and my blog as well. People change over time and find new hobbies. It’s always nice to have an open forum to talk and write about whatever has our attention without having to keep it confined to a certain topic. I say tear down the wall and let your adventures wander free.

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