BMG Ezeon Pants
BMG Ezeon Pants

With the rainy season upon us, and the miles that have passed since I purchased these pants, I am finally ready to do my review on the pants I chose to compliment my BMG Discovery Jacket.

Like the jacket, I had originally planned to write my review much sooner, and even so now, I’m pretty embarrassed that it has taken me this long to get to it. With the busy year finally winding down to an end, I find myself sitting here at my desk on a Sunday morning. Something that has not happened in a very long time.

So with that, Lets move on, take a look at these pants, and see what exactly my thoughts are on them.

As a note, I am still trying to decide on a new format for my reviews. I am not certain why I am not happy with the other format, and maybe most people don’t care.  But while I toy around with a new format, the next few reviews I do may differ from previous reviews.

With this one, I’m going to pretty much follow the old format, minus a bunch of poorly taken photographs by yours truly.

Also, I figure this is a great opportunity not to take photo’s of a product, as well, they are a pair of pants. Not a whole lot to take pictures of!

So on to the review!

Manufacture: British Motorcycle Gear
Manufactures URL:
Product URL:
MSRP: $139.00
In The Wild: This product is sold by BMG North America only

Website Description:


Mens Ezeon Pants


The Ezeon Motorcycle Pants do just what they say. Do you wear size 22 shoes? these will easily pull right on over them even while you are holding your bike up with the other hand. Just zip up the full length zippers and your ready to go. These Motorcycle Pants fold up so small you can fit them anywhere and they are 100% waterproof and provide all the protection of Dupont Cordura construction. The Ezeon Motorcycle Pants also have pockets to hold optional Knox Hip and Knee Armour just in case . When you get to your destination pull them off just as easily and tuck them away.In the UK you always have to be ready for the weather to change. Stay warm, dry and protected in your Ezeon Motorcycle Pants.

The Ezeon pants combine the durable protection of 100% Dupont Cordura with a breathable, windproof Hytrel lining. While other waterproof fabrics transmit water vapor, Hytrel passes water vapor by absorbing it into the material, diffusing it across the membrane and evaporating it on the other side. The full side zips allow for easy on/off over the largest of boots.


  • 500 Denier Cordura
  • Two side zipped pockets
  • Front Knee armor pocket and Hip armor pockets
  • Fly front opening and back waist adjuster
  • Extra long side leg openings allow easy on/off
  • Side openings fasten with zippers and Velcro
  • Connecting zipper for Jackets
  • Adjustable Velcro tabs at ankle

The Review:

What originally pulled me to BMG, was actually the pants.

As an individual who is of “rounder” (This is where a “I am in shape” comment goes… Round is a shape!) proportions, it is not only hard to find pants that fit comfortably over my jeans, but also do to my short inseam, it is extremely hard to find pants that are of the proper length.

This is where BMG absolutely shines above other companies.

With all the others, you buy by generic size. S, M, L, XL, XXL and so on, which while increases the waist size, also increases the inseam length. This doesn’t work for everyone, and the result is your protective armor, or impact foam in the wrong locations. Not to mention extra lengths of pants now being bunched up.

With BMG, you purchase your pants just like you would purchase a typical pair of pants. By waist size and inseam length.

This gives the wearer a “custom fit” without the custom price.

Waist sizes start at 23 inches, and go all the way up to 46, while inseam starts at 26 and continues on up to 37, providing a wide range of options when ordering. (Ladies sizes are available as well)

Like all over pants, you order by your actual waist and inseam.  The pants are made a couple sizes larger to pull over your existing pants, so that it takes the guess work out of ordering.  If you have a 36 waist, you order it with a 36 waist.

As part of my new format, we will take a directional approach to going over the features. In this case, we will start top, and move our way down.

Starting with the waist, the pants offer a hook and loop cinch point in the center of the outside back of the waist. This allows you to make any fine adjustments when you put your pants on to how tight, or how loose you want them.  The elastic in the hem of the waist allows plenty of movement, and allows the pants to fit over additional garments with ease.

Situated just below the elastic waist and cinch spot, is the zipper for attaching to your jacket.  Both the jacket and the pants came with both sides of the zipper,  so if you want to mix this with another jacket, you can have the zipper sewn in.

Moving down from the waist to the hips in the front is the button and zipper.

The button is what you would expect on any good quality piece of gear. It is a large brass button that has a large rubber cap on it, making it easy to undo, even with cold hands.

The zipper is a YKK Zipper.  Not much more to report there.

The zipper is protected by the elements with a flap that is secured by a long strip of hook and loop, while behind the zipper is a large amount of excess liner fabric that butterfly’s out when you open the pants, allowing you to easily get your legs through, as well as providing additional protection from wind and rain.

On either side of the hips are the pants pockets. As with the jacket, each of this pockets put the zipper in the flap, as opposed to in the pant itself.

Large flaps secure against the pants with hook and loop with the zipper into the pockets located behind it.

The pockets are large.

At first, I didn’t know why they needed such large pockets, once riding with my wallet in them, I realized how much more comfortable it was to have my wallet resting a few inches above my knee, instead of further up.  It helps move your contents to a more comfortable area, which makes riding more comfortable. Seems simple enough!

Moving further down the legs of the pants, we look at what gives these pants the name “Ezeon” or, if you are still having problems reading into that, E Zee ON. Remember these are British, so Z is pronounced “Zed” unless followed by an E, then it takes on the more North American “Zee” sound.

The “Full Length” zippers start at the cuff of the pant, and run up until about halfway up the upper part of your leg, allowing for you to easily get your feet through, even with large boots on your feet.

We see again the YKK brand zippers, covered by a large “storm flaps” which are secured by hook and loop running the full length.

At the cuff of the pants on the outside is a large cinch strap, again secured by hook and loop to allow you to cinch tightly against your boots.

On the inside we see BMG’s “Storm Gutter” along the cuff.

This is the same system that they use in their jackets that works exceptionally well.

As rain passes through the outside layer of the pants, the waterproof membrane which runs the entire length of the pants, allows gravity to do its job by pulling the water down to the cuff of the pants, where the water exits.

A simple solution, to a major issue with water proof apparel.

Now, while reading through this, you may have by now, realized I did not talk about the padding or armor.

That is because BMG does not offer these pants with the armor. They offer it as an option.

They do however have pockets for Knee and Hip armor, that you can purchase Knox Armour from them for an additional 40 dollars (20 dollars each for knee set and hip set).

I of course, went this option.

I’m not entirely sure why they went this route, but I guess it is for those who do not wish to wear armor, or wear armored under garments. Which does mean, if you do own that type of gear, you are only paying for the pants, and not additional for armour you will not use.

So even at 180 dollars total for the full set-up, this puts them still at the lower end of the cost spectrum of quality weather proof motorcycle apparel.

The Verdict:

The end result of these pants are they fit great, they protect you from the elements, and enable you to wear your day to day clothes underneath, knowing that you and them will be kept dry.

The pants compliment the other lines of BMG’s offerings with the same features found in the jackets, that provide a system that works.

For a great example of how well this system works, check out my writeup “Arctic Expedition: Day 6 – Watson Lake to Whitehorse“.

The result was nearly 300 miles of continuous rain.

The result? A bone dry body.

Because of the exceptional ability to channel the rain, I have had no use for my Tourmaster Defender 2-Piece Rain Suit, which I actually took along with me as backup on that trip. It really does work that well.

But there are some things I would like to see changed with them.

For starters, I’d like to see them extend the length of the zippers further up the leg.

While they do zip most of the way up, my Tourmaster pants zip further up, and it makes it much easier to get in and out.

Secondly, the location of the cinch strap for the waist is a terrible location.

Not only is it hard to get to once you have your pants on, but because the zipper attachment is directly below it, the zipper with bunch up when secured, and make it more difficult to attach your jacket.

This is a design flaw that could easily be fixed by moving the single cinch strap in the back, and making it two cinch straps on each side of the pants that you see traditionally in other brands.

Those would be the only two design features I’d like to see changed.

The build quality of these pants seems rather decent. However I have developed two area’s where I have had separation.

The first, is in the crotch. Which is very common anyways. I haven’t owned a pair of riding pants where the stitching has yet to come out. This just comes from the constant friction between the pants and the seat.

I would have to say, that in order to help alleviate this issue, a small piece of additional fabric sewn to cover where the pant seams all come together would help alleviate this problem.

The other location is along the inside leg seam at the knee.

This small area I can tell why it happened.  The fabric itself has frayed due to it being sewn right against the edge of it.

This is most likely not a common problem, as the seamstress responsible for sewing the rest of the pants seemed to do a fine job.  It’s just the small area, which ends up about an inch between two other seams that secures the knee fabric panels in place.

And while this would be a major issue on pants that tried to repel the water on the outside, the inner liner of these pants still does it job.

Even with these little nuances, I would still highly recommend them to anyone.  I can’t stress enough how well they work, and how well they continue to work.

If you want pants that you can put on, forget about, and just ride, no matter what type of weather is thrown at you, these are it.  They do what they are supposed to do, and they do it well.

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