So some of you probably have noticed the lack of updates recently on the blog. My apologies to this.

I received an email a couple days ago from a concerned reader asking if everything was OK, due to the lack of updates as he is subscribed to my RSS, and does not care to check things out on Facebook or Twitter.

So I decided I should probably update anyone who does not follow the Facebook page or twitter page, as the bulk of my updates (Small tidbits here and there) have trickled through those outlets most recently.

I am alive, I am well, and I am busy.

I now have over a dozen drafts saved in various states I have plugged out recently, but just haven’t found the time to sit down and finish them. The bulk of them are my recipes, a couple on my recent backpacking trips, and a couple reviews. One of them on the BMG Ezeon Pants, and one on my SPOT locator/communicator.

After returning from my trip, work became increasingly busy.  Taking nearly a month off from work puts me nearly a month behind. I’ve been catching up over the last several weeks, finally starting to get to the point where I can breath a little.

On top of that, my weekends have been packed full, really preventing me from really spending any time to write.

I’ve been working on a few things as well.  One of which is learning how to actually take decent pictures.  I realized my pictures are very crude at times, and they do not really capture everything in the way I would like it captured. So while I’m working on my lack of photography skills, I am also trying out new ways to take pictures for my reviews to better able to give you more visuals.

My “Idea Book”, basically a binder with tons of scribbles is filling up.  I’ve spent a considerable amount of time laying in bed trying to figure out ways of changing some of the sections.
I started working on redoing the XT Resource Section months ago, and never finished it. I never could come up with a way I really could commit myself to. Recently, I’ve also realized I don’t like the format of my recipes section, as well as the reviews themselves.

So trying to spend some time coming up with a new layout to follow has prevented me from really moving to much more forward, as the more I move forward, puts me that much more behind as I go back and adjust the current articles to match the new format.

Why does this even matter? I’m not entirely sure…  In fact, it is more than I really thought of when I started this blog, as the blog started out just mainly as a resource to XT parts to document my progress and something for me to go back to and reference.

All in all though, things have been busy, I have lots to talk about, and lots to update on.

The WMRRA (Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association) season came to an end this last weekend.  This year has had its ups and downs for the local Northwest road racing community.

In WMRRA, we lost two great individuals doing what they loved. We all got a grim reminder of how dangerous our sport really is.

We also lost another Northwest Young Gun Racer who was competing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It sent a shock through the entire community, and has brought up a lot of critics as to how young is too young to compete on any type of motor vehicle.

So with WMRRA at an end, that will free up some upcoming weekends. Ones I hope to spend getting caught up, and also doing some backpacking and exploring.

Labor Day weekend I did an amazing hike to the Entiat Glacier.  It was a 32 mile hike that was well worth it, and actually want to do it again earlier in the year next year to capture the spring time flowers in the upper glacial valley.

As far as riding is concerned, the only weekend I’ve had time to myself to do any riding was 3 weeks back.  A friend and I went up to Liberty, a town that is on the Ghost Town registry.

I was really looking forward to taking pictures of a decaying piece of American history, but realized when I got there, that I should have done more research.

It is inhabited. Not only that, but everything is in pristine condition.

This really depressed me. So much I didn’t even take any pictures of the town itself.  I was rather disappointed of its current state!

You can’t really call something that is inhabited a ghost town, now can you?

So that Saturday was a beautiful ride regardless, and then Monday morning as I prepared to head to work, my bike would not start.

That being the week leading up to my backpack trip, I let it sit, then the following week was sick.

Finally got a chance to look at the bike a few days ago, and discovered it had no spark.  I replaced the spark plug while I was at it, still no spark, so it was not the plug.

I started to think it may have been the coil, but busted out my multimeter to start diagnostics on the ignition system.

Eventually I made my way to the crank case sensor, and discovered that the connector had come undone slightly.  After checking the ohm reading on the sensor, I plugged it back in, and it fired right up. So I am happy again.

New of the XT 1200Z Tenere has now circulated through the US, as Yamaha has now put in place a program to special order one for delivery for it starting at the end of the second quarter of 2011.

You have no idea the restraint I am having to exercise to not put a deposit down on one.  As much as I really want one, and I mean REALLY want one, I have other obligations I need to attend to first.

One, I need to get my SV Race Bike prepared.  As it stands, I’m not entirely sure if I will race next year or not. A few things will be the deciding factor, but regardless, I want to have it ready by the end of this year.

Secondly, I’m looking at land. Land in the middle of nowhere that I can put a small 8×12 or so cabin on, and just disappear for a few days at a time and get away from everything to relax.

I have looked at various area’s over the last several years, and I’m starting to realize I need to make a decision.  If I do go through with it, that will be the main focus for some time to come, which is one of the reasons on my current situation with racing.

One weekend of racing literally costs about 6 months of payments by the time you figure in fee’s, tires, fuel, wear and tear, food, etc.

So I’m really excited about this, and think it would be really fun to have something somewhere to go to.  Plus, I’m looking at lots larger than 20 acre’s to give me room to put in some riding trails to have a little fun on the dual sports and whatnot, as well as some room to just enjoy myself, and allow others to enjoy it.

Other than that, I don’t have a whole lot more to update on.

I will be in Oregon this weekend, and taking my XT225 along with me to get some riding in. The weather doesn’t look all that promising, but I’ll ride in whatever I have the chance to ride in regardless.

I really need to spend some time working on the bike as well. I have a bad base gasket that needs replacing, as well as the seal where the shifter shaft goes into the transmission.  If I have time, I’ll pull the engine down to get it taken care of.  Other than that, neither one is leaking to the point that I’m entirely concerned (trust me, concern is there, just have ridden on much worse).

Also hope to get the new bodywork mounted on the SV, and maybe dive into pulling the carbs apart, as well as other various tid bits that need to be taken care of.

And, hopefully knock out some updates this weekend!
Until Next Time…

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