Server is finally back up!

UPDATE: July 19, 2010: I am back from Spokane Raceway and will resume updating both Journal Entries and Pictures. I’ve found that processing and sorting through all of the pictures is taking a lot longer than I anticipated.

Hope to get all of the Journal Entries up to 9 updated with pictures, and then post the rest of the Journal Entries.

UPDATE: July 16, 2010: I have up to Day 9 currently posted. I am going to work on going through pictures to add to each of the entries.  I realized I’m going to get way to far ahead of myself if I keep posting Journal entries without pictures.
I took nearly 3000 pictures, so I need to start at Day 1 (Which is the easiest day) and sort through them to find pictures I want to add to each post as I read through them and match them up with the area’s.

I’ll be gone this afternoon through Sunday Night without internet, so I hope to get all of them posted up before the I head out for the weekend. We’ll see.

UPDATE: July 20, 2010: I have pictures now posted in each journal entry up to Day 9!  I will be working on getting the rest of my Journal Entries up over the next day.

UPDATE: July 23, 2010: All Journal Entries are up to date! Enjoy! Note: All entries are post dated to the appropriate day.

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