Crossing back over the Continental Divide
Crossing back over the Continental Divide

Day 17

Slept really well, and woke up just after 7.

For the hell of it, I decided to take another shower. It felt good the night before, and the warmth of the water will help me wake up, and energize me for the day to come.

I packed up, and finally got out around 10:30. I’m in no rush today, as it’s a pretty short jaunt from Whitehorse to Junction 37 where I plan to camp for the night.

All packed up, I pull next door to the fuel station and fuel up before heading out of Whitehorse.

Not long after leaving out of Whitehorse, I hit some rain. Nothing terrible, but today I’m a bit more prepared.

I checked the weather, it says 20% everywhere. I learned my lesson yesterday, so today I am not just wearing my comfy warm gloves, but I am also sporting a full cold gear under armor.

Even though my jacket works exceptionally well (I have yet to get any water on me), without the liner in it, the water sucks your body heat away pretty fast, so wearing some extra layers will help prevent that.

I ride straight to Teslin, where I stop for fuel and decide to get some breakfast.

Forgetting the last time coming through, that they don’t serve breakfast all day, I settle for a terrible bacon cheeseburger.
It was dry, tasteless, and overall just terrible.

After my meal, I push on to Junction 37.

In and out of rain most of the way (See, 20% is pretty close to 100%), I finally stop at the Continental Divide. I wanted to stop my last time through here, but the rain prevented it. This time, I was in a dry pocket, and took the opportunity to snap a few photo’s of the sign.

Safety Wire and JB Weld is the new Duct Tape and Zip Ties!
Safety Wire and JB Weld is the new Duct Tape and Zip Ties!

Back on the road, it was a quick ride to Junction 37, where I finally ran out of the rain about 10 miles before.

Once fueled up, and tent spot paid for, and made my way to my spot and quickly setup my tent, knowing the rain would most likely make its way here.

Not 5 minutes after setting up my tent, the wind and the rain came.

The rain lasted maybe 5 minutes. The wind never stopped.

I decided to look my bike over again for anything out of the ordinary.

I had noticed the night before, that the kickstand was a bit wet, but shrugged it off, thinking it was just water.

Noticing that my kickstand was wet in the same spot again, I began to worry.

I got down to see if it was gas leaking on it. It wasn’t, but had a bit different odor, that of battery acid.

Again my heart sunk. Did I manage to crack my battery?

I pulled the side cover and battery cover, and was relieved to find out that my battery was fine. What I saw was from the battery, but the drop tube had come off, so the boil over was seeping down the cover and dripping on the kickstand.

I put the down tube back on the battery, and hosed it off.
Next I decided to see if I couldn’t come up with some clever way to attach my brake line.

I went through my supplies and got out the JB Weld, and some safety wire.

Using the safety wire to firmly keep the hose aligned on the break, I applied JB Weld around the area.

Letting it sit until firm, I removed the brake line from the caliper, and applied another layer of JB Weld followed by coiling more safety wire around the length of the area,with another layer of JB Weld.

It doesn’t look pretty, but I’m hoping it holds. In testing it later on in the evening with what little fluid was left in the line, the fluid flowed fine through it. I will need to locate some brake fluid on the Cassiar, I’m hoping that Dease Lake will have some at the service Station.

After fidgeting with my brakes I went to the store, and made a call to my parents to say “hey”, and pondered on whether I should wait for the wind to stop, or just walk across the road to the Cafe and grab some dinner.

I inquired to the store clerk if the Cafe was good and when it closed. He said it is good food, home cooked, fresh bread, and they close at 8.

With that, I walked across and ordered a bacon cheeseburger.

Unlike Teslin, this burger was excellent.

Fresh pounded patty, 2 pieces of cheese, thick cut slices of bacon, all piled on a home made bun.

I finished up my dinner, walked back to camp, and planned out the rest of my trip.

I’m thinking of pushing on to Bell II Lodge tomorrow, and camping there instead of in Dease Lake. I want to explore the abandoned town of Cassiar, as well as Telegraph Creek, but without knowing how the rear brake will hold up, I’m going to have to save those two spots for another adventure.

Breakfast at Momma Z’s in Dease Lake, a Tatoga Burger in Tatoga for lunch, and then I’ll cook dinner if the wind cooperates. I just do not feel like having to cook in my vestibule with my wind blocker around my stove.

Tuesday, I hope to push on to Kitwanga, then Wednesday to Williams Lake or Cache Creek.

Thursday is my planned return to home, and the end of this trip.

As much as I have enjoyed every bit of this trip, I am really looking forward to getting home, seeing familiar faces, and sleeping in my own bed.

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