Returning to the Brooks Range
Returning to the Brooks Range

Day 15

Woke up early this AM, just after 5 to thick fog and 33 degree temperature.

Started packing the bike right away, and Geoff and I got some breakfast, before finally setting off back down the Dalton.

While leaving Prudhoe, I reflected on what Prudhoe is.

While I originally had picked to go to Inuvik, mainly due to it having some cultural heritage, I realized that Prudhoe in itself was a very interesting place.

A true “Company” Town, Deadhorse is by all means, a modern wonder.

How they built the town, how they prepare everything, and how they due their work.

The idea that we have inhabited one of the most northernly parts of the planet year round, is a wonder in itself.

After about 30 miles, we finally rode out of the wall of ice fog, and into the bright morning sunshine.

Looking back, it was almost a line had been drawn.

Brooks Range just North of Coldfoot
Brooks Range just North of Coldfoot

You could stair, miles to the west, and miles to the east, and see a great wall of fog, stretching hundreds of feet into the air. An amazing site to see, and looking back on it, I wish I had stopped to take a photo, however, today was going to be a long day.

We passed over the same roads as before, but to our surprise (And what we have heard from others) it holds true that the road changes day to day.

We pushed on without much trouble, and finally we stopped about 120 miles into our journey back to Fairbanks, at the same Atigun River Crossing we did just 2 days earlier where I had thought I had left my backpack stranded.

We dismounted our bikes, and both went straight for the DEET. Mosquitoes here are terrible. Within moments of parking, we had swarms of hundreds of mosquitoes around us. With DEET on, and my insect shield hat (which does work), we took our break, hydrated, dehydrated, and set back off towards Coldfoot.

The rest of the ride to Coldfoot was great, with little troubles. I stopped momentarily to take a couple photo’s after stopping to let a pickup pass me, who was in much more of a hurry than I was.

Waiting for the dust to settle, I noticed a cloud formation that looked interesting and so I took the photo.

Once in Coldfoot, we fueled up, took a break to eat some lunch of whatever we had on us, and set back off.

Holy Cloud!
Holy Cloud!

The road just passed on by, as we finally made it to the Yukon Crossing.

Taking another break, we decided to not fuel up there, and instead just make it to fox. Both of us well within distance of Fox with our fuel reserves.

It didn’t seem like it took long, but soon enough we turned off of the Dalton, giving the bang bang hand signal to the Dalton Highway sign, hit the tarmac and rode to Fox, fueled up, before hitting McDonalds and finally the dorm.

A shower, Dinner, and Laundry later it was time to settle down for the evening.

Tomorrow I’ll head over to Dan and Shawn’s to pick up my exhaust and install it. I have a heck of a ride after to Whitehorse. I’m hoping to get in around 9.

Weather shows 20% chance of rain in Tok, with 20% in Beaver Creek, Haines Jct, and Whitehorse. Hope I make it through the 80%. I’m kinda getting “Rained Out” if you if know what I mean.

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