The start to a beautiful day
The start to a beautiful day

Day 2

Day 2 was a new day for me.

I woke up just around 6:30 with the sun shining down on my tent. The day before, I had made up my mind that without having access to my accounts, that I would have to cancel this trip.

With what money I did have, I realized I could at least hold out for about a week. With that, I packed my things, and rode back in to town, in hopes to find a wifi-hotspot so that I could update, and call my bank again on Skype this time.

Without any luck, I decided to just stop at a Tim Hortons and grab a coffee. I love their coffee btw. It’s so much better than Starbucks.

They do not have a hotspot. Apparently hotspots in Coffee shops has not caught on in Canada.

As I sad there, drinking my coffee, and just reflecting what I would do, two gentlemen came up to me and asked me about my bike. Wondering where I was going with so much gear, especially the spare tire.

Upon telling them, that I was planning on going to Inuvik, but so far, my bank has been uncooperative, I told them I may have to cancel it. Cut my losses, and head back to Seattle.

One of them, the older of the two (Possibly Father and Son?) looks at me, and says “If this is a dream of yours, do it now. Dreams are meant to be lived in the moment that they are concieved, not put back for another day. The day may come, when you are unable to live that dream, and you will have nothing but regrets”.

I honestly looked at him, and said “Thank You”. He knew why I said it, and I knew why I said it.

He was right. The events so far have been less than desirable. But this is my adventure, and my dream. I have put to much time, effort, and so far, money into this.

Several photo opportunities were around every corner
Several photo opportunities were around every corner

With that, I finished my coffee, got on my bike, and headed East on Highway 1 towards Golden.

With a little luck, I thought to myself, I may be able to still make it to Grand Cache. And get back on schedule.

I pushed on, limiting my stops, not taking half the pictures I would have liked to have taken. I must say, that the scenery that I saw, was spectacular. The way the mountains raise above you, dwarfing everything around them.

The rivers, so pure, they reflected in a jade like appearance. The waterfalls around every corner. It was something, that everyone must experience once in their lifetime.

Upon turning on to the Icefield Parkway, I paid up my toll of Nine Dollars Eighty (I love how they say that!), and made my way towards the Columbia Icefields.

This parkway, I could spend a week on. It is unlike anything I have seen before.

The glaciers far above you, the rivers, the lakes, the wildlife. Oh yes, for the first time I saw myself a Bear and a Moose!

I made my way to the Columbia Icefields, where I took some pictures. Again, the shear size of everything. I wish I had more time to spend, more time to explore. I will, I will come back, and I will spend the time it deserves to take it all in.

At the Columbia Icefields, a kind Asian man offered to take my picture
At the Columbia Icefields, a kind Asian man offered to take my picture

After departing the Icefields, I made my way to Jasper, where I fueled up, and pointed myself East towards Hinton.

It was here, that I saw a wolf as well!

I wish I had the time to stop and take pictures… Or the guts… To be honest, I’m not really looking forward to a personal encounter with anything that can either stomp me, or eat me.

I finally came to Highway 40, and headed North once more towards Grand Cache. This area, reminds me a lot like southwest Washington.

Dryer, warmer, but still forested. The sun glared down on me, as I pushed on.

Amazingly enough, this road, although not very good tarmac wise, is 100km/h. It is the only highway I have been on yet, that the full span of it was as such. Most of the others would have a few km of 100km/h, but not as much as most were 90.

Finally, I came to Grand Cache, where I grabbed some gas, asked about campgrounds, and was directed towards the Grand Cache Municipal Campground.

Upon arriving, it was full. So I pushed on further down the highway where I knew a couple provincial campgrounds where.

The Columbia Icefield is magnificent to see in person
The Columbia Icefield is magnificent to see in person

Here, and Smoky River, I am camped. It is not bad, but a bit steep in cost at 20 dollars for a tent plot and no other services besides a pit toilet and water. There is free firewood, but it was all gone by the time I arrived. Which doesn’t bother me much. I type this currently at 10:16pm, and there is more than enough light out. I realize as the further I go north, the longer the days will get.

My hopes are to leave before 8am in the morning. My next destination is Fort Saint John, outside of Dawson Creek, where I will spend time getting a picture of the infamous, start of the Alaska Canadian Highway.

Until Next Time….

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    June 20, 2010 at 3:54 PM — Reply

    The gentleman in Tim Horton’s was very wise, I’m glad you pushed on!

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