As of right now, my trip is delayed until further notice.

My bike still sits as so

A Forkless KLR
A Forkless KLR

As you can see, it still is missing forks.  I have a laundry list of things that still need to be done to the bike that require the forks on it.

The forks were supposed to be completed last week, ready for me to pick up on Friday. They were not, neither for Saturday or Sunday.

Yesterday, yet again, they are not finished.

I pretty much needed the forks by yesterday afternoon, so I could get them installed, and get the front wheel back on. Without them, I am held up.

I cannot change the rear tire, I cannot change the sprockets, I cannot change my crash bar (Requires removal of center stand), nothing.

I should be packing everything up this evening, getting the bike prepped for the trip, ready to take out for a shakedown run tomorrow, and leaving at 4am on Thursday Morning.

Instead, even if I get my forks back tonight, I will be working on my bike instead of packing things on it. It delays me out a day at a critical time.

I am rather in a terrible mood at the moment.  A 1 day delay in me leaving actually snowballs into a huge pile of delays.

1 day delay puts me traveling on a weekend.

1 day delay puts me traveling to a tourist attraction on a weekend that is supposed to be beautiful.

Camping will be difficult to find on a weekend.

Roads will be busy on a weekend.

City’s will be busy on a weekend.

I wanted to be pass that whole area, on my way on the AlCan by Sunday. Now, it looks like if I can, I’ll be leaving on Monday.

That also poses another problem.  I only had 3 “down” days. This uses them all up + 1. Which means now I need to rush another couple days to catch up, which means I need to sacrifice some stops I had planned.
The whole thing is just screwed up, and snowballed.

I have commitments to make in July that require me to be back by the 12th. So I can’t push the trip out further. I have a Wedding I am attending (As Best Man) at the beggining of August, and more commitments after that.

I’m hosed, my trip may not be salvageable at this point, and it is causing more stress than I really should be dealing with. I should be looking forward to the fact I am going on a 3 week vacation. Instead I am sitting here wondering if I just spent 6 months of planning, and selling off every thing I own for nothing to make this trip.

I am still preparing to leave, but the Arctic Circle may be out of the picture due to time constraints. Maybe I’ll go and try and locate Brian of and travel with him for a couple weeks.

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