Quick little update on things:

I have over half of my food made prepared for the trip.

I have made around 160 pieces of jerky…

I have a case of cliff bars

I still need to dehydrate some apples!

Kickstand was shortened!

I have the new power outlets I am adding.

My RAM Mounts came in. Now I have something other than Velcro holding my GPS and SPOT!

I realized my Netbook has Bluetooth… Combine this fact and being able to use my bluetooth headset with Skype and the various hotspots at the campgrounds and cities I will be in, will give me a way to communicate back home.  I purchased a years unlimited plan. Easy 30 bucks to spend!

I ordered a new camera. It should be here Tuesday!

I got a AAA Plus+RV membership. the Plus+RV is good for Motorcycles, and AAA works in Canada in partnership with CAA.

I need to make a stop at Touratech at some point. I want to get a couple bottle holders to mount on the panniers. Not just for water and fuel bottles, but also a small fire extinguisher.

Also thinking a couple of there “Universal Shelf” Brackets. One to carry oil (bike consumes it. It is a 2008 Kawasaki afterall), and one to carry an extra gas can as a just in case on top of the just in case I have mounted to the back already (Rotopax)… It couldn’t hurt!

Front Suspension is off of the bike and at KFG being rebuilt. New springs, oil and seals, plus dropping in my emulators.

New TKC80 Twinduro tires came in. One front, two rear.  Front is already mounted, rear will be mounted when I get front suspension back and can weight down the front of the bike on the center stand.  I will be carrying the other rear with me on the trip!

I’ve made some last minute possible route changes to my trip.  This is an alternate route from Watson Lake to Dawson City via Highway 4, The Robert Campbell Highway.  It shaves 20 miles, but half of it is gravel.

This would eliminate 275 miles of the Alaska Highway that I would backtrack on my return trip.

I will make this decision mid trip, most likely day of leaving Watson Lake, as it is a schedule overnight stay.  If the weather forecast looks good, I will most likely take the Robert Campbell. If it looks iffy, I will stick to the Tarmac of the Alaska Highway.

Depending on when I get to Dawson, I may attend the D2D. I’ve changed my mind once more on this.  If I get there a day early, I will just leave for Inuvik the next day. If I get there the day of, I will stay an extra day for it.  Regardless of when I spend my extra day in Dawson, I will spend a total of 2 nights there.

Inuvik I am planning a 2 night stay. But we will see. I may get there early enough on my Arrival day, that I can get some town exploring in, and some the next day, leave mid day back for Eagle Plains.  Just depends on time.

I have also thought, depending on weather and conditions, and when I get out of Dawson, I may try and make a straight shot for Inuvik.  That will rest solely on conditions, both weather and road.

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  1. June 11, 2010 at 8:51 PM — Reply


    I’ve been following your progress for this trip. One thing I’ve observed with my F650 is that I tend to get too much weight on the aft end of the bike which makes my front end really light in gravel. Once you have all your gear packed on the bike and before you leave, I’d recommend some serious gravel riding to get a feel for the effects. Of course, if you’ve done this already, you’re way ahead of me.

    I’ll be following you. I wanted to go to Inuvik last year, but it didn’t work out. We ended up doing a 4400 mile loop via Hyder, Watson Lake, Skagway, Haines, Haines Junction, Whitehorse, Watson Lake, Ft. Nelson, and down to Prince George and home. Ours was pretty much a pavement ride with short sections of gravel.

    Have a great ride.

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