Although work has been getting the best of me lately, this weekend was another WMRRA round at Pacific Raceways.

I took on managing the PNW Riders Racing Team this year to help them around the pits, critique them, as well as work at getting better exposure for them.

I love going to the track, and I miss being out on it even more.  It is a feeling I can never really describe, except for 10 to 20 minutes of heart pumping adrenaline infused ecstasy.

The reason I stepped up from just doing Track Day’s, to racing is for one thing, and one thing only. That moment when the light goes out, and all hell breaks loose as a flock of bikes scream into turn 1 as fast as they can go.

I race for the starts.  It is by far, one of the most fun aspects of racing, and to this day I never grow tired of it.

Although I could never get into Drag Racing, I guess one could look at it as being a race of starts.

I really do however, look forward to getting back out on the track. There are several reasons why I have chose not to run any track time until my trip is over, one of which is time, second being I don’t want a potential injury keeping me from making this trip.

I was very satisfied with the outcome of the races this weekend for the team.

Chris Fratini took a 3rd Place Podium finish in 650 Supersport, while Kevin Klemmer has been moving up in his class’s while getting used to his new ride with respectable 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th place finishes.

A great moment this weekend was seeing WMRRA #1 Plate Holder Eli Edwards not only walk away with more 1st place finishes, but by setting the new Track Record during the formula ultra races on his 2010 Yamaha R1.  These guys are getting stupid fast out there.

This week has been hectic already as I write this, I’ve realized the rest of it will be hectic at work as well.  The more I spend at work, the less time I have to myself, which really impacts my time I spend writing. Especially when I’m doing nothing but writing presentations at work at the moment. I just want to come up, flop on the couch and catch up with shows I have saved on the DVR.

This week is supposed to be great, and I sure hope it is. Monday started off with some rain, but it cleared up. The rest of the week is supposed to be precipitation free and sunny with some cloud cover throughout the week. Forecast looks wonderful with temps pushing near the 70’s.

I hope it stays nice, I need a few hours to spend pulling apart the XT and replacing the fork seals and putting in some heavier fork oil.

The clutch cable has been replaced (On both the XT and the KLR), the forks are both blown.  It doesn’t make me happy, as I just got those TTR forks installed.  Oh well, I planned on doing it eventually, better now than later I guess.

As far as the KLR’s front forks are concerned, I’m trying to decide if I am going to do them myself, or let Barry Wressell of KFG Dunlop in Covington take care of them.  While I don’t mind doing the XT, it is not going on a 6500 mile trip next month, and it seems the 180 bucks for parts and labor is cheap insurance to have Barry do it.

Well, that’s about all there is to update on. The weekend was a Race Weekend, which kept me busy busy!

I am looking forward to the Spokane Round in a couple weeks! I’ll be making that into a camping trip, as I will be camping at the track! Yay!

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