To start off with, I have a couple articles I need to push out this week. I am actually a couple weeks behind in finishing up a Review as well as another food item recipe.

Last Sunday, I came back from Hood River to a dead desktop computer.  So last weeks article was written on my laptop, and I decided to hold off until I got my main desktop fixed again.

Luckily for me, I keep complete weekly backups of my computers (Daily of my webserver), which allows me to recover from the event of a disaster.

However, it is still a long process.

Thursday I received my parts, and promptly began working on getting the computer back up and running.

I spent Thursday night, Friday night, and a bunch of Saturday getting things in order.

Saturday morning I assisted a rider that was asking for help bleeding his brakes on PNWRIDERS.COM.  I sent him a message earlier in the week that I would be willing to help him out if he was willing to show up in the morning.
He showed up, I went through showing him how to bleed his brakes, what to inspect while doing it, and how to get the air out. He seemed excited to learn something new. He needs to replace his pads soon, and I told him I could definitely help him with that as well when the time comes. I even showed him how easy it really was, what bolts he needed to remove on the calipers, and the pins.

Rest of Saturday I spent working on the computer again.

Sunday I decided to take a ride. It was really nice out when I woke up, and the day was supposed to be beautiful, especially on the east side of the Cascades.

So with that in mind, I had some breakfast, showered up, and headed out around 9am towards Leavenworth.  It was a beautiful ride there, as well as the return trip.  I’ll spend more time writing about this in my next “Destination” article.

I did use this trip to kind of gauge my overall fuel mileage though. Considering it was mountain terrain, lots of up and down, and keeping the bike around 60mph, I was surprised to find out, even with the bike somewhat loaded down (Fuel and Water + Tools), that I still managed to do the whole trip of 218 miles, without hitting reserve.

I know I was close! On fuel up, it took 4.8 gallons (6 gallon tank), but that still gives me over 45mpg.  This makes me extremely happy, because it gives me a range of around 300 miles on the KLR with my spare gallon in the RotoPax.

With some slight gearing changes for my upcoming trip, I will have no problems with the 240 miles between Dawson City and Eagle Plains.

As my date of departure draws near, I look at the laundry list of items I still have yet checked off.

I still need to make or purchase some dry bags that are going to withstand 3 weeks of riding.  The ones I currently have weren’t even able to withstand a couple days of camping.

Subframe bolt modification still needs to be done, as well as the gravity mod for the petcock.

I have a new chain and sprockets to go on, I will wait until the final week to put those on.

Disable the clutch and kickstand switches.

I also need to order a couple sets of tires for the trip. One to go on the week before, one to take along with me.

New Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes for tires and spares. As much as I hate wrangling Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes in tires, they are well worth it in the end.  I’ve pulled a nail out of a thick butyl tube before, and have it hold air. They are thick enough that they will usually reseal enough to allow you to get to a better place to patch. I’ll pre-slime everything as well.

I need to check valves before I go. I should do this within the next couple weeks.

Finalize my food.  I am about to make another order (Probably today) of food items to prepare for the trip. I also need to purchase a field service kit for my stove.  I just want to have it, just in case.

Clothes!  I need to purchase clothes for the trip. Some Convertible pants, some shirts, some new under armor, and a mosquito hat.

Buy another camera. I want a nice one, but I don’t think I’ll be able to swing it. I’ll need to find a decent one sub $300.

I bought a spare clutch cable. I have a new one that I am putting in soon, and decided a spare would be a good thing to have as well.

I’ll also assemble an electrical kit. Something that I can use to fix problems should the need arise.

I’m sure there are other things I haven’t thought of yet.  I really need to make a checklist. Maybe I should put that on this list. “Make Checklist to check list”…

Yah, that should work

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