Well, it is now the final stretch for this trip. Less than 2 months to go, and it still seems like I have a lot to get done.

I almost feel like I should start packing now!

One of the major items I need is to either purchase heavy duty dry compression sacks, or make my own. I’ve been looking at the make my own route.

The Sea 2 Summit dry sacks I purchased from REI lasted 2 camping weekends. They are just not meant to rest on a pannier strapped down on a KLR with all of the vibrations.

The 2nd big item I need to finish up is my food. I am in the final stretch with that. I have enough recipes for the trip, it is just taking the time to order, and repackage everything.

I will also need to start dehydrating fruit and make some jerky pretty soon.

And last is I should start mapping out possible camping locations.

I just picked up the 2010 edition of “Milepost”. It is mainly an Alaska travel guide, but it also covers British Columbia, Yukon Territory, as well as Northwest Territory. I have thumbed through it a bit, and it is very helpful in helping me plan out some of the parts of my trip.

I’ve been looking at my day’s, mileage, and other parts of my trip. We have a set date that we need to be in Dawson for the Dust to Dawson. Making this date should not be a problem. What I am mainly concerned about though, is getting a bit impatient and wanting to ride more than my designated miles per day.

I need to make sure I find a full day’s worth of riding and stopping each day. I’m sure with the frequent stops, pictures, etc, that it will be no problem to burn through several hours of day light in 300 miles though.

Other than this trip heavily on my mind this last weekend, the rest of the weekend was absolutely perfect.

It was in the 70’s every day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I rode the KLR down to Oregon on Friday, stopping off at my Co-Rider’s house in Vancouver BS’ing and talking about the upcoming trip. He’s as excited as I am, even though he’s done this before, many of times.

I then headed into Oregon, took 84, and decided to take the old highway for a bit.

Everything was beautiful, the waterfalls were gorgeous as I rode by. I should have really taken the time to take some pictures. It didn’t really cross my mind right away, as I have been through that section so many times.

Saturday I spent the morning re-jetting the KLR. I wanted to lean it out a bit. Being at Sea Level, it was running a tad rich, and I realized that at higher elevations, that would cause some problems. So I jetted it down 1 size as well as installed a 12v accessory plug.

While I had it in the shop, I also decided to flush the brakes, change the brake pads, clean the air filter, and replace the spark plug.

In a couple weeks, I will be going back down and finally getting around to installing my drill through kit for the subframe, as well as securing the top box differently again. I just need to reinforce the bottom. I thought about having a plate welded to the bottom, but no need. I just need a cut a couple pieces of flat bar to spread out and reinforce the mounting holes.

After that I took a quick ride to The Dalles for some lunch at Canton Wok, one of my favorite Chinese Restaurants.

I returned the long way back, taking the old highway up to Rowena Lookout, into Moiser, taking Husky to Elder and going over the mountain back into the Hood River Valley.

Sunday I ran up to Mt. Hood for a quick ride in the morning before packing up and heading home.

Overall, it was a beautiful weekend, and I enjoyed it tremendously. It was nice to have 3 solid days of sunshine and great temperatures for riding in.

I’m definitely looking forward to the weather to straighten up, and to see some more warmer days.

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  1. April 20, 2010 at 11:44 AM — Reply

    Quite the adventure you are going on. Looking forward to reading about it.

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