Whole Egg Powder - Do not inhale
Whole Egg Powder - Do not inhale

I realize that writing this is one of those “duh” articles, mainly because powdered eggs has been a staple of emergency preparation as well as trail-goers for several years.

I figured however, I may as well write about it!  So this will be a quick article.

To start off with, I titled this “Scrambled Eggs *”, to denote that it really can be made with anything. I am just doing a simple scramble with sausage crumbles, which is what I will focus the most of the preparation on.

With regular powdered eggs. Prep time is fast and simple.  I used Healthy Harvest’s whole egg powder for my eggs, and it calls for 2 Tbsp of egg powder mixed with 3 Tbsp of water to =  1 large egg.

It really is as simple as mixing and cooking.

I do, however have some observations once you start adding substance to it.

First off, I added sausage to mine. Just plain dehydrated pork sausage.

As with most dehydrated and freeze dried foods, there is a “reconstitute” time you should let it sit in liquid.  Healthy Harvest’s directions state that 5 minutes is enough time for the sausage. Under my own tests, and making this meal twice now using the sausage, I can honestly say that 5 minutes is not long enough.

Maybe, if you preheated the water, but by adding the sausage directly to the egg slurry you mix up, no.

So I decided to let it sit for 10 minutes this time, over the 5 minutes I had let it sit last time.

I also, took a different route on cooking the eggs.

Typically when I cook my scrambled eggs fresh with fresh ingredients, I want it done quickly, so I tend to cook them on medium high heat.

What I decided to do this time, is cook them at a temp a bit lower, to bring the heat up slowly. This would give the sausage a bit more time to absorb some moisture as it warmed up. This would work with anything else you added to it as well I would like to believe.

A slurry of protein - Eggs and Sausage
A slurry of protein - Eggs and Sausage

It also, kind of makes a better looking scramble, not that I really care about the look of my scrambled eggs, as much as I care about the taste.

Regardless, eggs give us a great medium to work with.  As I wait to make another order from Healthy Harvest, I think of everything else you can throw in, and how versatile this meal is.

You can pretty much get any meat or vegetable in freeze dried or dehydrated form that you typically put in your scrambled eggs at home. This allows you to customize your meals to how you like them.

For instance, I plan on adding red and green peppers to mine, as well as the sausage.

You can also pick up dehydrated grated cheddar cheese.  Mix a bit of cheese with water before you start cooking, let it reconstitute, and then add to the mix at the very last minute when the stove off, and the lid on, allowing the cheese to melt.

If it looks like Scrambled Eggs, Feels like Scrambled Eggs, and Tastes Like Scrambled Eggs, it is most likely Scrambled Eggs!
If it looks like Scrambled Eggs, Feels like Scrambled Eggs, and Tastes Like Scrambled Eggs, it is most likely Scrambled Eggs!

Another great way to enjoy it (And how I plan to enjoy it) is on a tortilla, wrapped up as a breakfast burrito.  Tortilla’s are a great pack food. They are flat, flexible, and can last several days, even weeks without refrigeration, making them a great bread substitute.

So that is my write up on Scrambled Eggs.  It’s simple. If you can make them at home, you can make them on the trail.   With the variety of different dehydrated cheeses and cheese powders to make sauces you could also experiment with making an omelet instead if you wanted to.  Personally though, I’d rather just scramble, throw on a tortilla, and enjoy.

Scrambled Eggs:

  • 2 Tbsp Whole Egg Powder
  • 3 Tbsp Water
  • Add additional

You can download a recipe card here: Scrambled Eggs .doc format

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    […] Do It Yourself: Adventure Food – Scrambled Eggs * […]

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