Co-Rider Gus on his BMW R1150GS
Co-Rider Gus on his BMW R1150GS

Even though I had driven down to Oregon to visit my parents, I also tossed my XT in the back of the truck. Because it is such a small, light weight bike, it makes it extremely easy to pull it in and out of the truck by myself.

The weekend of March 6th itself started early for me on Friday, as I had most of the day off. This allowed me to head out towards Oregon early, and due to this, I decided to call up my Co-Rider for the Arctic Expedition trip, Gus.

Arriving in Vancouver around 1:00pm, I pulled up to Gus’s house and was welcomed by his wife Mary at the door.  We didn’t waste much time, the day was absolutely gorgeous.

So within 30 minutes, I had the bike unloaded, and both of us were geared up and on our way.

Gus had never been given a tour of the surrounding Columbia Gorge area since he had moved here from Alaska, so I decided it best to give him an overdose in what the Pacific Northwest is all about.

We made our way down Highway 14, eventually stopping in Bingen for a quick break before heading out. My route was to take him East towards Lyle, head up Canyon Road, cutting across back towards the Klickitat Highway (142) on  Klickitat Appleton Rd, then cutting across on the Glendwood-Goldendale Rd., with dropping back down towards the Gorge on BZ Corner-Glenwood Highway.

I’m pretty sure I impressed the old fart with what I hit him with.  He was in awe the whole time, at every stop he was taking pictures and sending them back to his wife.  The most impressive part of our afternoon out though, was getting pulled over by one of Klickitat Counties finest for doing the speed limit.

He may swear up and down that we were traveling in excess of 60 miles per hour, but our GPS tracks (and the fact I was on my 225) say else wise. He had no Radar, he “Guestimated” our speed based on how I looked going through a corner. I saw him way in advance, but never slowed down due to us not breaking the speed limit. We were not out to set any records that day, it was just a nice evening ride to enjoy the scenery.

The really only reason he pulled us over, was to tell us how it is “their” area, and that while they do not mind our kind (Dual Sport/Adventure Sport), they do not appreciate the “Crotch Rockets”.

I didn’t want to argue with him, as he was not giving us a ticket, I did not want to let him know I have been riding those roads for over 12 years, that I own a sport bike, and that we have land in Klickitat County, and I am one of the “We”, and I have no problems with it so long as people are respectful in the populated area’s.

With that, we both topped our tanks off at BZ Corner, and made our way back to Vancouver with a stop in Stevenson to change out face shields and put on my glove liners as the sun disappeared so did the pleasant warmth it offered.

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  1. March 16, 2010 at 12:17 PM — Reply


    As you know, you just barely scratched the surface with Gus of the great roads in that area including LOTS of D/S riding.


  2. March 16, 2010 at 1:50 PM — Reply

    Oh I know.

    I’ve spent 12 years riding and driving the roads all over Southern Washington/Northern Oregon down into the central area’s, as I lived there for several and I’ve always been an explorer when it comes to just picking a direction and going.

    I’m not entirely sure of all of the great Dual Sport area’s, but I’m going to have a damned blast figuring that out!

    But for me, sometimes even the road itself isn’t what I’m in search of. I’m always in search of breathtakingly amazing area’s that get my gears turning.

  3. April 1, 2010 at 9:27 AM — Reply

    […] A Friday Afternoon with Co-Rider Gus […]

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