New Oversized Footpegs

What a weekend!

The Weekend started on an up beat when I got home from work on Friday and my oversized footpegs were in the mail waiting for me.

The XT225 does not have a huge amount of aftermarket support, and one of the area’s that it really shows is in the footpegs.

A gentleman in Pennsylvania makes these oversize pegs.

As you can see from the picture to the left, they are much larger than the stock pegs. Also, the stock pegs have rounded serrations on them, where as the new ones are pointed, given them much better bite into the sole of your boot.

Another shipment came in as well Thursday night that makes me very happy.

I won an auction on Ebay for a set of TTR Front Forks. A complete setup with the yoke and upper clamp as well as the axle.

The TTR front end upgrade is very common with XT’s as the TTR has heavier springs from the factory. This is only a “temporary” fix until I get around to throwing emulators and heavier springs into the stock forks, and for 51 bucks, it was well worth it! I meant to get around to installing these this weekend, but got a bit busy with other things.

And while on the subject of the XT, it is currently resting until my order comes in to the shop.  The stator side cover gasket started to leak so I went ahead and ordered a gasket for it. It started as a little leak, but then quickly turned into a bit more than I wanted to really deal with on the road.  Hopefully the gasket will be in Wednesday or Thursday.

Friday was also a great day because I was able to finally sell the Street R6.  I am happy to see it gone to be honest. It was and is a great bike.  Nothing wrong with it, just that I am not really the “Sport Bike” type of guy. I still have my FZR if I ever get the urge, and I still have the Race Bike as well, but I would like to see it go soon.

So now, with the money burning a hole in my pocket, I started to look at bikes. The final choice came down to the DL650 or a KLR650, two very distinctly different types of bikes with different intentions in mind.  Although both, very capable of doing this Arctic Trip, one as more suited for faster traveling than the other.

After taking Saturday to ride a couple KLR’s in different configurations (Thanks Grant and Kevin), I made up my mind that that KLR fit me better in terms of what I want to do with an adventure bike.

That being said, yesterday I went and took a look at a fully loaded 2008 KLR with low miles (6900), and have made arrangements to pick it up later this week.

Once I have it home, I’ll post up some pictures with a list of the detail. There seriously is more things added to it than I can remember.

An update on the XT Resource Page:

I am still working on this. It has become a lot larger of a project than I originally intended it to be, but I keep changing my mind on the layout and the format.  I think I have finally finalized how I want it to look, now it is just acquiring all of the information that I need. I have compiled a very large list of information so now it is just formatting it.  I hope the end product will be easier for you all to sort through.

Well, other than that, it looks like about it for updates.  Look for a new Rider Review coming this week. We will not only be reviewing a product, but an entire company and their business practices.

Until Next Time!

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  1. November 23, 2012 at 1:22 PM — Reply

    Hello. This is Bill, devilman, from DMO Specialties. I just recently came across your article. Thank you for the positive light that you put my footpegs in. However, I’d like to make two corrections. First, I am from PA not AZ. Second, I continue to make these footpegs with no sign of stopping.



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