Well the week sure seemed to go by fast!

I haven’t put up any updates in 5 days, so figured I’d throw some up.

First off, I’m working on the new XT225 Resource Section. So far, it’s coming out rather well. I have it broke up into Parts, Modifications, and Manufactures, and then narrowed down to Part Area, such as Drive, Controls, Wheels, etc.

This will make it much easier for you to search for the item you need, instead of going through the long mess of a list I currently have.

I’m going to have a new Rider Review up this weekend, I should also if I have time, have a new Research Overload. I keep saying that, but I need to get done with at least one this month, and the end of the month is coming fast.

On the bike front, due to my broken spoke last week, I decided to park the XT. I don’t like riding around for long hours on my R6, so it just was used for commuting this week.

I am happy to report though, that the City of Kirkland has an alternative transportation refund quarterly, and I qualified on my motorcycle over the last Quarter of 2009, so I’ll be getting back 63 dollars! Woo hoo!

That is actually enough money to cover commute costs on my XT! Yay!

The spokes did however come in yesterday! I promptly came home, and realized the spoke I broke was an outside sprocket side one, so I had to remove the rear wheel, and sprocket to lace t back in.

After getting it laced back in, and twang twang twangin the spokes, I realized I had a lot of thud thud thuds on the rear wheel, as well as the front. So I spent some time tightening the spokes until they all twanged in harmony.

On the “Luggage” front, it seems like I cannot get that Cortech ATV Saddle Bag. Boooo.

I really liked the design of it, but oh well. It’s a shame they stopped making it, I have a feeling it would work on a Dual Sport bike just fine, and it could have been marketed as so.

Zippered Adjustable Tank Bag

I did, however find a replacement to order. QuadBoss makes a few styles of ATV Saddle Tank Bags. I ended up ordering this one here to the right.

The distributor we ordered from, we were able to check Warehouse stock, and this one showed in stock at the Oregon Warehouse, so with luck they got it sent out last night, and it will show up today. I am, just like the cortech, hoping this works out. It would end up being an extremely useful day pack for the XT or even for longer trips. Being able to keep some things in direct reach would definantely make this system worth while.

Unlike the Cortech one, this one has the Water Bottle holders on the sides, but they are removable as well. So I could just have them also towards the front. I’m worried with it being towards the back, that my leg will hit it, but we will see. Again I bought this without knowing if it will really work out well.

There are actually a few features over the Cortech that appeal to me though. One, I already mentioned the removable bottle holders.

Second, the zippered compartments are covered with a storm flap, as you can see in that picture. They actually make 2 versions of tank bag. One zippered, one zipperless.

Third, it has straps to adjust it to the width of your tank. So I think fitting it to the XT, and adjusting its height will be a lot easier with this setup.

Oh, and all these added features cost 5 dollars less. So that’s even another reason to like this one already more than the Cortech, and I still don’t even know if it will work!

Well, I guess that is about all I have to update with. Now that the spoke has been replaced on the XT, I’m going to try and get out and explore to the end of that road I turned around on in my “Crossing Counting Line: Destination – A Day to Waste“.

Until Next Time,

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