Today I went ahead and executed some changes with Life’s a Breeze.

As of today, the old URL of has been retired. All of the old links however, will still continue to automatically return to the original articles that they had previously went to.

Phrozen-Phaze is an old Domain I’ve owned for several years, that has taken on many shapes.

For a lot of years, it was my own personal blog.

But this website became so much more in the last several months. I had originally put it together to mainly write about my motorcycle projects. Then I decided to expand it to cover the planning stages of my trip, and then I started to post my ramblings of my research and my reviews, and rides, and it just continued to grow content wise, and I realized I was enjoying it.

What started out as a website to share my projects, slowly turned into a website sharing my adventure, and so with that I decided to change it to a new URL.

The XT225 Resource Page gets a good amount of traffic, becoming one of the top searches for XT related information. This section will be revamped soon with an entirely new format. Easier to navigate, easier to find the info you are in search of. How-To’s, Part’s Diagrams, Part Information, etc. I plan on building this section out, in hopes that it will continue to offer those who are in need of information can easily find it.

Other sections will get revamped and changed as well. I have already started to add more navigation in them, but I plan on changing the overall look and feel.

And last of all, I will be retiring my blog title of “Life’s a Breeze”. Don’t get me wrong, as the title is everything I believe in about this site, but although Life is a Breeze, it is the Adventure that we must face as it whips us around life, and this site is about mine, in hopes that it will entertain, educate, and assist with those who are in search of knowledge and adventure of their own.

With that said,

Welcome to My Adventure,


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