Over the next week, I will be making some changes to the site.

First off, I will be overhauling the Adventure section as I ramp up to start some getting myself out and about over the weekends.

The section will be broken up into the following area’s.

Arctic Expedition 2010 – Self explanatory. This section will handle all updates up until the point of departure, then the complete ride report and photo galleries once completed. The idea though, is after the year is over, and the following year’s big ride is planned, this will be moved into an “archive”.

Across the Sound: Destination – This section will host all my rides throughout the Puget Sound region of Washington State. The destination may be a business, a park, or just a ride. The these will be Day Trips, and under 300 miles of travel.

Crossing County Lines: Destination – Much like the “Across the Sound: Destination” section, Crossing County Lines will focus on the rest of Washington State outside of the Puget Sound Region. These small Adventures will be anything from day trips to overnight trips as I explore the landmarks, business’s, and culture of Washington State from the West to the East, North to South.

Border Hopping: Destination – The last of our Destination Series of articles, this section will be of rides hopping over State Lines, or Country Borders. These will most likely all be overnight trips to Oregon, Idaho, Northern California, and Western Montana. Some Adventures may even take me into the South Western area’s of Canada.

That should help with the Adventure Section, and help make finding information much easier! Also if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way at

Next up is a new section that will be going up soon! The new section is Reviews, and will be a section to my Rolling Reviews. I will hopefully have my second review up this weekend, which is when I will put up the new section as well!

The Reviews Section will currently be broken up into the following.

Gear: Boots, Pants, Jackets, Helmets, Gloves, yade yade. This is the stuff you wear.

Camping: Reviews of my Camp Gear, how it holds up during my adventures!

Supplies: The stuff that doesn’t fall into the other 2. This may be electronics or accessories for my personal use, or for the bikes.

Research Overload: Not exactly a review, but how I eventually came to the decision to purchase my gear, and supplies. These will narrow down to a couple or few items, and key differences, and what eventually leads me to my purchase of that item.

I also have a new section added under the about section called “Be Part of the Adventure!“.

This section, and planned subsections is about how you can help me on my travels.  Whether you are an individual who wants to buy me lunch, or a business wishing to sponsor me along my travels.

I will break this into Sponsorship pages and Contributors pages

Contributions, unless specified by the individual who makes it, will be shown int he form of how many miles you help me travel based on a formulation of fuel and other expenses involved.

Receipts will also be posted up to show you where your contributions have gone! I can’t think of a more honest way of showing you that every dime goes to bringing you these articles! And who knows, maybe somewhere along my travels, you’ll receive a post card in the mail.

For more information, click the link above and become part of the Adventure!

Well that’s it for the Major Changes you will see coming!

Until Next Time,

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    […] Upcoming Changes! […]

  2. February 1, 2010 at 12:59 PM — Reply

    […] Upcoming Changes! […]

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