Part 10: Published 12-30-2009

In the final days of December, I strap down, and finish a project I’ve worked over a year on. What started out as a tribute, became a long emotional path as I raced to completely rebuild a part of my past.  Now, as this journey comes to an end, I set my sights for many more adventures with My Old Friend.

I realize, as I write this, that this will be the last entry I write in this Project Journal.

Over the last couple weeks, I have watched what was once an old neglected motorcycle, transform into the bike it is today.

I have also, over the last couple weeks, kept you all updated with video updates here and there. So this last journal entry will be a combination of the video’s I have already posted, some pictures, and some other video’s I did not post.

So without any other delay, lets take a step back, 2 weeks ago, and begin.

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