I finally got around to signing up for a YouTube account so that I could post some videos!

There are 3 new entries on this page, first video is of the bike running! Second of the bikes rats nest of wire, and the third is of the Acerbis Cyclops headlight installed and testing.

I need to go look for a couple things in town tomorrow. I need to get some 90 degree connectors for my fuse block that I am installing under the dash, and I need front brake pads. I have managed to misplace the old ones, which were actually still good. Not sure where I put them, but I spent a good hour tonight looking for them, and was unable to find them.

Once I get the 90 degree connectors, I can finish up my wire harness and finally reskin it, and then it’s on to painting!

I also picked up another set of tires that I am going to put studs into. I need to find someone to stud them though. I would love to buy my own stud gun, but it’s to much of an investment at the moment with the guns priced around 400 bucks, another 100 for the feeder, and 70 for a box of studs (1000 of them), it’s just to much to invest right now.

I will most likely do one big episode 10 update to “My Old Friend” project once it is all finished. Because I’ve been just rushing to get it done, I have not taken a whole lot of pictures, which is why I have taken the time out for the video. I hope you do enjoy them! I really suck at narrating though, and I stumble on words, and well yah, I just sound like an idiot. But then, I could very well be.

My Old Friend comes to Life!

My Old Friend: The Rebirth of an XT – Wiring

My Old Friend: The Rebirth of an XT – Lighting

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