I wanted to make sure I had a post on the first of the month. I really didn’t know what I originally wanted to write about, so I guess I’ll just give little updates on little odds and ends!

The XT has been sitting now for awhile without much work done to it. In fact the only thing done to it, is that I took off the Fat Bars I put on it, and put 7/8 bars back on.

The Kick Starter Kit that I had ordered from Yamaha finally showed up! I wasn’t really expecting that to show up for at least another couple months, with how Yamaha North America made it sound! So I’m happy about that!

However, my Trailtech Stealth is still MIA. We keep getting that it will ship soon, but nothing. If it does not ship in the next couple days, I’m going to have to make an order for the Silver one. I really wanted the Stealth over the standard Vapor.

I will be working with Phinney Bay Machine Works on some new replacement parts for the XT225’s BST-34 Carburetor.  We will be working on an aluminum replacement for the plastic Air Valve, as well as an Oil Cooler Alternative hopefully in the near future!  I’ll keep you all posted on this. I was supposed to bring the Carb back with me when I was in Oregon for Thanksgiving, and it completely slipped my mind. So it will be an end of December, early January project.

If all goes well, I will finish the XT this month. I have 3 weeks of vacation coming up for the end of the year, so I will have lots of time to dedicate to it. I am looking forward to the end of this project, and looking forward to riding it.

I now have both of my 2007 Yamaha R6’s up for sell! Check them out in the newly added “For Sale!” section!

I’ve acquired some more trip gear!  I really need to write up a “Research Overload” article on the stove I ended up going with. I will not spoil it yet!  I also waited until Black Friday to order a bunch more stuff. Ended up saving over 100 bucks! Can you believe that? So I picked up the footprint to my tent, the Stove (And Fuel Bottle), a mess kit, Coffee Press (I will not go without fresh coffee!), and because I needed another 8 bucks to get free shipping, a stainless stove toaster!.

I’m currently researching water filters. I won’t need it for my planned Arctic trip, but I would like one for weekend camping trips to save on weight and use the XT.

I’ve also been researching “Insect Shield” clothing. I have no idea if it works. I’d like to find someone who’s used it. It’s pretty spendy, but seems well worth it if it does in fact work. I’ve heard horror stories of the mosquitoes north of the Arctic Circle, so even though I’ll have a head net, I figure some good clothing would be good to have as well.

Welp, I think I’m done for this update!

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