Palouse Falls, Washington
Palouse Falls, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is in my opinion, one of the greatest area’s of land mass in the world. Very few area’s in the world compare to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, nor do they offer the diversity, nor environments that the Pacific Northwest does.

No matter where you live here, no matter where you go. There is always something magical near by.

Whether it be the Olympic Rain Forest of Western Washington, the Crater Lake of South Central Oregon, or the massive Hell’s Canyon in Idaho, there is something near, and something in between any destination that is sure to surprise you.

And just as well with our diverse geology, we have just as diverse of weather.

From the scorching Hot Deserts of Eastern Washington and Oregon, to the Snow Capped Mountains of the Cascades, along the coasts to the rainy Puget Sound, our weather is sure to throw a surprise or two at you.

You often hear the phrase “If you don’t like something, go 2 hours and you’ll find something else”. This means not only for the geology, but the weather as well.

Growing up, I lived in Eastern Washington. If I was to give you an exact location, that location would be just left of the middle of somewhere, 20 miles due east of the middle of nowhere.

If you’ve followed any of my other articles, you’ll know I grew up on a farm, and one that was really in the middle of nowhere.

The Columbia Basin Region of Washington State, is a unique area. Our temperatures can rise to over 115 in the summer time, but then hit you with well below the negatives in the winter. I’ve seen as low as -27 growing up, as well as over 115 degree’s in the same year.

I could go on for days on the sites and sounds that one can experience while in the Pacific Northwest, but this article is not about our beautiful corner of the Earth, it is about the weather, or more importantly, staying dry in our weather.

I have, for many years wore items made of leather. Mainly boots, but other items as well. And as everyone should know, leather requires a special care to it.

Leather’s natural oils, is what helps maintain its flex and abrasion resistance.

Over time, these oils start to break down, and are either removed by our skin, washed away by rain or perspiration, or wiped clean when we clean our leather.

There are several products on the market that help you with restoring your leathers oils, and several products make the same claim of how they are the best.

I can tell you, growing up on the farm, and then working in a Logging Shop, I’ve seen and heard of many products. I’ve used several products, and I’ve thrown away just as many. One product, however, has always stood out among the others.

A product manufactured here in the Pacific Northwest, it has proven year after year. Decade after Decade, that it stands as not one of the best leather treatments, but the best leather treatment.

Obenauf’s, originally manufactured to protect the leather boots of Fire Fighters,  is manufactured in the State of Idaho.

It’s natural formula helps not only protect leather, but restores the natural oils back into it, to give it that like new feel.

I have used Obenauf’s for several years on my boots, so when I purchased my leather motorcycle gear, it was no surprise that I would be using it for it as well.

Of the several products they offer, the Heavy Duty LP is the most commonly used among them. Its paste like consistency, is worked into the leather, to provide long lasting protection against the changing elements of the Pacific Northwest.

Another product in which they offer is Leather Oil, which is a liquid that is used to touch up from time to time with in areas. I tend to treat my items with the LP twice a year. Once in the winter, and once in the summer. In between, I’ll give a light covering of the oil when I clean my items.

Through the years, these two items have helped protect my leather from dry rot, breakdown, and continue to keep it flexible and provide the protection its natural qualities provide.

Recently, I decided to try another of their products, their “Watershield” waterproofing spray.

I have neglected to keep my Transition 2 Jacket properly maintained over the last year with waterproofing, and decided to ask around people I know what they use.

I got several responses from scotchguard, to NikWax, to other sprays or wash-ins.

I’m not a fan of wash-in liquids, mainly because if you need to touch up a small area, it kinda defeats the purpose of a quick touch up.

It was during this research, that I remembered that my Obenauf’s kit I ordered this last time, actually came with a bottle of something. I decided to go in my closet and take a look exactly what it was, and sure enough, it was a bottle of their Waterproofing Spray.

So I happily applied the spray to my jacket, pants, and after treating my boots and gloves, to those as well. It is safe to use over their other products on leather as well, so I used it.

I can honestly say, the stuff works as they advertise it, just like their other products, it is the best I’ve used.

And it doesn’t surprise me coming from a company located locally to the Northwest. They have to make the best of products, because their local customers require it for the conditions we face yearly.

It is always great to see local companies who make exceptional products. And just last night, I came to realize that another product I just recently purchased, because I felt it was well needed for my type of riding, is made here in the Northwest as well.

That Item is the Peet Multi-Port dryer. Made to dry your boots, gloves, and helmet. It lets dry heat naturally dry out your items overnight, so you can go on your way the next day. My winter gloves, Cortech Scarab’s, are great gloves for keeping my hands warm, and dry from the rain. But perspiration still builds up in them, giving them a god awful smell and just discomfort from the wetness.

Just after a single night of use, I became a fan of the dryer. And Peet stands behind their product with a 25 year warranty.

I know this article may come as a big advertisement for these two companies, but the truth is, it is my own personal review of two great companies who provide exceptional products to aid in your year round adventures.

I hope you give them a try, and are as satisfied with their performance as I have been over the years.

For more information about these two companies and their products, you can visit their websites below.


Check out their small combination pack for around 30 dollars. It includes the Heavy Duty LP, Leather Oil, and Watershield. It may seem like a steep price to pay, but it will last you a couple years if you are only treating a couple items. They also sale the items separately in small bottles to large gallon quantities.

Peet Shoe Dryer:

If ordered through your local Parts Unlimited Dealer (Pretty much any Motorcycle Shop), you can pick up the Multi-Port dryer (4 dry ports) that includes the attachments for boots, helmet and gloves for about 100 bucks. The Parts Unlimited Number to use to order is #3430-0195

This is a great deal, as the Peet Dryer is about 80 bucks, and the attachments separately are about 15 each. So you basically end up saving 10 bucks if you go with the above mentioned part number.

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