I got news that the TrailTech Vapor Stealth that I ordered a few weeks back is actually on backorder until the 3rd of December.

Talk about a huge bummer.  I need this piece so I can finish up the design work of the front bracket that will become the dash, as well as new headlight bracket.

I’m also kicking myself in the ass for not bringing my wire harness back with me.  I could have finished that up for the most part, although, I really would like to have the bike while I do it, so I can better place everything, and cut the lengths properly so I don’t have tons of extra wire coiled up somewhere. So maybe it is best I don’t have it with me.

Decided to go ahead and get rid of the 1 1/8th’s handlebars. I purchased new 7/8th’s, so hopefully they will be in next week. I’m glad I did this to be honest. Fatbars have their place, but to be honest, with the lack of support for proper brackets for them (it’s hard when everyone’s taper differently), you just can’t blame the manufactures.

Welp, that’s kind of just a “quicky” update

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