Another Week, Another Update!

Decisions Decisions Decisions. It has all come down to Decisions. The bike is up on its own wheels, carb is in place, exhaust is in place, and the wire harness is somewhat in place. All the pieces needed to start her up, and I just let it set.  More time spent thinking, planning, measuring than actual work took place in this update, so it is short, simple, full of babble and a couple pictures to compliment it.

Any man who believes he controls the machine is in a state of denial that can only be accompanied by his obsession of power over things he can not yet understand. The heart of the machine has the power to take control of our mortal self, with our adrenaline infused hearts pumping in complete rhythm to the stroke of the motor, our minds linked at the wheel sensing every inch of the ground below us, and our souls melded into a single entity that cries into the open night sky, begging for it to never end. Any man, who believes he controls the motorcycle, tossing aside all respect for the mechanical being in which sits before him, will most likely die for his mistake.”

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    […] My Old Friend: Part 9 – The Rebirth of an XT […]

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